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Another Boring Day

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Personally, I really don’t think I do much that’s super exciting or anything. I also don’t like making a big deal of things, so any sort of event that might be somewhat interesting, I tend to disregard as not… oh well.  This week was no exception. The most thrilling day of my week thus far has to have been Tuesday, only because I had to get dressed up and go out and be somewhere as a real person for a few hours.

Typically, my days are spent looking for a job for hours, often times with little to no success in finding something I’m qualified for. Entry level shmentry level. Tuesday was no different. I spent most of my morning on the lookout for something, but was feeling discouraged, so I decided I would come back to it later, which normally means I end up on every form of social media for the rest of the day.

I think I have the best escape in the world if I’m having a bad day or need to not think about things for a while. I’m lucky enough to have a horse who I can see and ride and take care of for a few hours every day, although these days I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc and it’s killing me that I can’t ride. It’s like I have an 80 year old’s back…let’s just talk about how much fun that is. Anyway, I still need to make sure the horse is okay, so I spent about two hours with him, just grooming and grazing him while it was nice enough out. I’m sure I’ll blog about him at some point. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the goofball.

Meet Sampson

I often lose track of time when I’m at the barn, so of course once I realized it was nearing 3:30, I had to hurry home. I’m the assistant coach of my college’s equestrian team (this makes me a real adult, kind of I guess), and the athletic department was having an awards ceremony that night at the school, so I needed to get ready and all dressed up so I could interact with students and parents and coaches. Ah. Anxiety. It takes me forever to get ready and I needed to leave my house by 5:00, so it was go time. I suffer from a severe case of indecision, though, and I spent a good 30 minutes trying on practically everything in my closet, therefore causing me to run late. I managed to get out the door at 5:30 (whoops) and to the head coach’s house, only to leave there at 7:00. Good thing this awards ceremony didn’t start until 7:45 and we were only 20 minutes from the school…

When we got there, I began to feel nostalgic. And old. It’s only been two years since I’ve graduated, but I had a great time at this place and met my best friends (including the fools that are my fellow bloggers here…love ya bros). When I got into the auditorium, I realized that I don’t know half of these athletes, and as names were being read and awards given out, I was getting a strange feeling, one of feeling so distant as a student and more like a real adult. That scares me a bit…

After almost two hours of awards, the ceremony was over and picture time commenced. So many pictures. Team, seniors, captains, parents…so many. But it’s okay. In the mix of it all, I got offered multiple days of Yankee tickets (my day was made right then and there). At this point, I was also starving, having not eaten dinner. Off to the diner we went, which allowed me to sadly watch the Yankees lose (I’ve mentioned, I’m a diehard fan, so expect the Yankees to come up…a lot). After eating, I was finally able to make my way home, and finally get to bed just after midnight.

Seriously, that’s about as thrilling as my week has been. Bear with me…I lead a boring life, though hopefully as the summer starts, I’ll have some more interesting things to say.


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