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Meet Sampson

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As I mentioned in my first post, I’m quite lucky to have a horse of my own. I have him for a sport; therefore, he is as much an athlete as I am, and definitely not a “backyard pet.” To put it in the simplest terms, we jump jumps. That being said, he’s not the most graceful animal on the planet. He’s quite clumsy and large…I call him a giraffe sometimes. But with big donkey ears. Look.


Sometimes he makes silly faces at me.


He likes to sleep a lot. And gets cranky with me if I disturb him.


But sometimes he gets like this


And this


And believe me, you don’t want that to happen when you’re riding.

He’s usually not that wild though. Surprisingly, he’s got a very good racing pedigree and is related to a few famous and successful racehorses. This is really quite amusing to me because he’s incredibly lazy and slow. He is a Thoroughbred, but he never raced. I’m sure he’s okay with that, because he’d much rather eat and pester me with treats, like this:


And gallop on the big hill…when he feels like it…


He’s pretty much living the life. But that’s okay. He’s cute. And I love him.


One thought on “Meet Sampson

  1. He’s so cute! My sister always said horses were just like big dogs and this makes me believe her.

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