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All the Color


I’m not really a big runner. I do it only to kind of stay in shape, but recently I haven’t been able to do anything because of my herniated disc. I’m stir crazy. I was also not one to sign up for races or 5k’s, but since I’ve done my first “fun run,” I’ve been addicted to them.

Last August, I did The Color Run for the first time. It was AWESOME. I had heard of it and seen pictures online, and it looked fun, so a few friends and I decided to give it a shot. Now, I can’t get enough. So a few months ago, registration opened up for a Color Me Rad race nearby in Pennsylvania. It sold out before I could sign up. Luckily, another was scheduled in New Jersey, which was obviously more convenient. My friend and I signed up (this was all pre-disc herniation) with the hopes of having more people join us. Alas, no one did. All I can say is everyone is missing out if they’ve never done one of these before.

I’m pretty upset with this whole being hurt nonsense. I had every intention of running the whole thing. I ended up walking it, which is fine though because the slower you go, the more color you get when you hit the color stations. This run we did was this past Sunday, and the weather was awful. It was a cool 60 degrees, overcast, and basically misting the whole day. Thank goodness the event was held rain or shine. Nothing was gonna stop these Jerseyans. It was even better that proceeds were going to the Jersey Strong foundation and the run was held down the shore. Love my state. Jersey pride.

The whole thing is incredible. It’s different than other runs because those are all races as compared to this, which is just pure fun. I mean, fire extinguishers full of color shot into the crowd. It’s magical. I’ve never wanted to be not clean in my whole life. It really is “Willy Wonka goodness,” as they proclaim. The MC’s are hilarious and I want to be their best friend. I stalk every social media site I can just to get more information and see pictures and pretend I’m still there. And…they’re going to be in the area again this summer. Guess what this guy is doing? Really though, there’s nothing better than dumping bags of color onto your friends and throwing it up in the air until you feel like you’re living in a rainbow.

That’s all just Color Me Rad. I’m already signed up to do the same Color Run I did last year and I can’t wait. And I want to do a new 5k, an electric run (there’s a variety of these, as there are with color runs.) which included dance music, which I love, and glow sticks and light-up things, which everyone loves. I wish I could do a mud run of sorts, but that’s just gonna have to wait til I’m completely healed. That’s okay. These color runs suit me just fine.

Rogue color among a sea of white runners at Color Me Rad

Rogue color among a sea of white runners at Color Me Rad

Me at Color Me Rad

Me at Color Me Rad


Color Me Rad

Color Me Rad



Magic at the Color Run last year

Me, post-race at the Color Run last year.

Me, post-race at the Color Run last year

Post-race funtivities

Post-race funtivities at the Color Run last year


4 thoughts on “All the Color

  1. i want to do this so badly but allyssa brett and i are going to see justin kredible that night. you’ll have to go for us: https://livingsocial.com/events/cities/1907-ocean-monmouth-counties/688950-livingsocial-s-glow-in-the-dark-5k-dance-party

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