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Oh Nostalgia

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Happy Friday! It’s officially summer in New Jersey, and nothing makes me happier than that. To quote one of my favorite movies of all time, The Sandlot, “I’m baking like a toasted cheeser it’s so hot here!”
I’ve been feeling nostaglic lately (let’s be real, when am i not?) and thought I’d share some things I miss in my life. Some may be depressing, so my apologies.

    Loved the Jersey Shore since I was a tiny tot

    Loved the Jersey Shore since I was a tiny tot

My grandparents lived in a 65+ community down the shore until about 12 years ago. Growing up, my family lived an hour away from the Jersey Shore, so we’d make a day out of it and go to Point Pleasant (I’m a boardwalk arcade champ…skee ball was my game) and then head over to my grandparents house for a shower and dinner. I miss that house, hanging out with my crazy family there, especially in the summertime…many good memories from simpler times as kids.

The glory days

The glory days

In horseback riding, you are considered a junior rider before the age of 18, so basically before you go to college. I was a serious student, riding several days a week and horse showing pretty much every weekend. I had a lot of confidence in my riding ability, especially in high school, and I was extremely competitive. I chose to ride in college, but it’s an entirely different mentality. Since then, I have not done such intense training, especially since I’ve been hurt lately. This all makes me very sad.

Growing up, I loved the smell of coffee, but thought it was the most disgusting thing on the planet. Now, if I don’t get my daily cup, I get killer headaches and am the crankiest person. You do not want annoy me..it can get ugly.


Sorry. This is super depressing. But especially now since it’s summer and all…I miss running around the backyard at night and getting into the car and not knowing or caring where we were going and playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. Now, all I do is worry about how much money I don’t have, my lack of employment, the fact that if I do ever get a job, I’ll be working for the rest of my life. Why can’t everyone just quit their jobs and we can just catch lightening bugs and make s’mores together?


    The greatest

    The greatest

 Since I mentioned it, I have to say that it is my favorite computer game of all time and I wish I could play it on a daily basis. Nothing beats RCT…the Loopy Landscapes and Corkscrew Follies version of course.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m on my phone as much as the next guy. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or texting or taking pictures, my phone is always in my hand and I’m always checking it, even when I’m not expecting anything. It’s annoying that FOMO has taken over and people can’t separate themselves from technology for a bit to enjoy the reality in front of them. I should probably do this more myself…it’s been quite refreshing the few times I’ve done it.
 I used to love going around the house snapping pictures of my cats and everything in my room and then forgetting what I actually took pictures of. Having to wait until those 35 pictures get developed…I loved the surprise whenever that envelope came back. Sure, digital cameras are great and all, but I wish I had some Kodaks to just run around with. I’ve seen people put them on tables at weddings and parties and things…so smart. I’m stealing that idea for someday…if I’m able to ever get them developed…maybe I should see if those cameras are even still made anymore…
Still love it to this day

Still love it to this day

In part with those drives down the shore, whenever I do so now, I want to throw on the “Millenium” album. I wore that thing down listening to it on repeat on my trusty discman. Surprisingly, that thing was quite sturdy. I lived for the days when I could go to Target and by a new CD and add it to those CD books that I would carry around everywhere. Discmans were so simple. You knew exactly what you were going to listen to, unlike the iPod where there’s all these random songs I didn’t even know I had. I wish I still had that thing.


You can’t tell me this wasn’t the best time in Disney TV history. It was my everything. I’m not even going to go over the greatness. It’s self explanatory.

 TRL, like when it was actually live. I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV growing up because my parents didn’t think it was appropriate (ha, it’s worse now, no?) so I would watch what I could when they weren’t home. I’m so sneaky and rebellious, right? That usually just ended up being TRL. Before the days of YouTube, this was how we watched music videos. And heard new music. And saw our favorite celebrities. MTV, the M stands for music, not maternity (sorry, I stole that from First World Problems on Twitter…too clever not to). I can’t remember the last time I watched something on MTV. Now that I think about it, it might be a good thing TRL isn’t around anymore…it would be all Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift and One Direction…ugh, I shudder at their names.
 Yes, this whole health craze the nation has gone on is good and all, but sometimes I just wish we could all go back to when we could eat something and not worry about what it’s made of or how many calories are in it without being judged. Why can’t I eat several mini frozen pizzas out of the box and a bag of real potato chips and fruit by the foot daily? Just for a little while?
  • 90S SNACKS
Fruit by the foot. Gushers. Dunkaroos. Those oreo-brownie/cake things. Yodels. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream cups (I loved when someone would bring them in to school for their birthday). Fudgsicles. I should stop, I’m getting hungry.

I need one of these right now

I need one of these right now

Wow. I’ve made myself kind of sad. And hungry. I should probably think happy thoughts, as it is my favorite time of year, and the weekend. Holy heat wave though. I’m gonna go see if I can find those ice cream cups and Fudgsicles right now….

One thought on “Oh Nostalgia

  1. Don’t worry, I’ll catch lightning bugs and make s’mores with you. I feel the same way about getting a job. I want one, I need one, but then I’ll have even less time than I do now for my hobbies.

    Also, I still use a film camera, and I know someone recently used a disposable camera at Jr/Sr and got it developed. Go get one!

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