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20 Things To Do Before I’m 30


I’m at that point in my life where I have friends getting engaged and married, and people who are my age and I went to school with are having kids already. I’m happy for them for knowing that’s what they want already and they’re prepared for it…but I realized that I’m not at all ready for any of that to happen in my life. I feel like I’m too young and I don’t have my life figured out yet. Hopefully by the time I’m 30, I’ll maybe more ready to take that step in my life. Until then, here is a list of things that I both want to happen and should happen before I’m 30.

  1. Move out of my parents’ house. I 100% appreciate living here while I’m unemployed, but as soon as I can afford to, I want to live in my own place.
  2. Have a real, grown-up job, and actually enjoy it. At this point though, any real job would be great.
  3. Be financially independent. Of course, having a job needs to happen.
  4. Go back to school. I don’t know what for yet, but in this whole job search, I’ve noticed that having just a bachelor’s degree is often not enough.
  5. Be happy and confident with who I am. I think this comes with growing up. I’ve heard so many people say it’s not until they reach their thirties that they feel this way, and I think it’s all a part of the growing and maturing as an adult process.
  6. Learn how to actually cook. I can cook and bake a few things, but if I were on my own, I’d need to be able to do prepare meals daily, and I cannot do that. I’d probably be living off pasta if it were up to me.
  7. Learn more about cars. I don’t have the first clue about them. Dad’s on speed dial for any automobile issues, so it’s probably about time I learn a thing or two.
  8. Be in the best shape I can get myself into. Of course, once I’m physically able to, sans disc herniation. Hopefully being in great shape in my twenties will be motivation to stay in shape as I get older.
  9. Live in New York City. It’s my favorite city, and I’d like to while I’m still young. Ideally, it would make sense if I were working there, since it is ridiculously expensive.
  10. Travel through Europe. I know a ton of people who’ve already been there, and I’d like to experience it myself. I’ve been wanting to go to any country there since I was young.
  11. Learn how to DJ. I’m obsessed with EDM…judge me, I don’t care. I’ve been able to identify styles that I like and dislike, so I think it would be cool to try it myself.
  12. Learn how to ski and/or snowboard. Living in the northeast, we get our fair share of snow, and I remember growing up, kids going skiing or snowboarding with their families on the weekends, or going on trips in high school. I’m totally cool with hanging out on the bunny hill the whole time.
  13. Be more spontaneous. YOLO, right? When I’m older, I don’t want to regret not doing things when I was able to.
  14. Go to an MLB All Star game. I wish I could go this year, as it’s in New York. Mad expensive though. I’d actually rather even go to the Home Run Derby this year (doncha know Cano?!!!), but really, seems like a fun time, no? Hooray for baseball!
  15. Plan, host, and execute a party. I do need to have my own place for this, and be able to cook, so it will have to wait. I don’t want to be all Susie Homemaker, but I like hanging out with my friends and I think it would be fun to do properly, especially growing up with my parents who always have parties and barbeques successfully. I just like to have a good time.
  16. Make a donation to something I’m passionate about. I always feel like the worst person when I’m asked to give like a dollar for some charity or something at a store. But seriously, I need that dollar. I’m broke. When I actually have money, I will do this.
  17. Understand football. I’ve grown up watching literally every football game every weekend. My dad loves it. And after all these years, I still don’t get it. I want to, as it would make cheering for the Giants even more fun. I don’t want to look like a lunatic getting all amped up when I have no clue what’s going on. Check that, I know what a touchdown is. I need help.
  18. Learn how to drive a stick shift. My dad tried teaching me once in his car…I thought I broke it. Like it literally sounded like I was destroying his car. It was not pretty. But all I hear anyone say about it is that it’s fun to drive, and if I’m ever in the position to drive one, it would be nice to know how.
  19. Get a different hairstyle from the one I’ve always had. I’m not a big fan of change, so it would be hard for me to pull the trigger. But it would be incredibly bold for me, so who knows. Maybe it will happen, sooner than later?…
  20. Go on a road trip across the country. I’ve never been west of Alabama. I’ve had friends go on road trips, and it just seems like fun when you’re with the right people. I like traveling, and there are so many things I want to see. I’m young and have nothing to tie me down right now…so why not do it?

I certainly hope in the coming years that I can add more to this list, and start to cross these off. Time to get livin’.


6 thoughts on “20 Things To Do Before I’m 30

  1. I can set you up for number 12! And I will come with you on numbers 20 and 10!

  2. i don’t know what you’re talking about…i think we proved that we know everything about cars at that car show we went to senior year.

  3. I can help you with football rack. I gotchu. (Even though you would be routing for the only team I actually despise)

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