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Growing up.


From the archives: My 13th birthday.  So young and so full of attitude.

From the archives: My 13th birthday. So young and so full of attitude.


So I had a whole other post written out that was in keeping with the un-official fitness theme of the week.  Then I looked at my calendar and realized that my birthday is this weekend, and the next time I post I will be 24.  Yikes.  Every year that goes by (especially this past one) I look back and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything.  So this year I am going to start out with a list of things that I hope to accomplish by 25.  Since this also kicks off the beginning on my mid-twenties, I feel like this is an important year to start getting my life in order.  I also realize that this could be my last year to get away with some irresponsible early 20’s behavior, so I want to fit in as much of that as possible too.  Then in a year, when I’m complaining about how I never do anything and my life is going nowhere, you can direct me back to this list and hopefully I will have done a few things.

  1.   Have friends over for dinner that does not come out of a box.
  2.   Have clarity in my career path and make progress in achieving it.
  3.   Purchase some grown up furniture.
  4. Be able to tell the difference between good wine and bad wine.  So far I can only tell if it hurts when I swallow it.
  5. Progress towards financial independence
  6. Develop a thicker skin.
  7. Stop being afraid to use bleach on my white laundry.
  8. Volunteer for a cause that I really believe in.
  9. Ride my bike more.
  10. Learn how to blow dry my hair.
  11. Conquer my fear of spiders, or, at least be able to kill the small ones around our apartment.
  12. Take a cooking class and learn how to cook something that is not pasta.
  13. Make use of the tool box my dad gave me at least 3 times.
  14. Develop a sense of interior design/decoration that does not revolve around collages of drunken pictures taken in the suites.
  15. Still subtly incorporate a large number  of drunken pictures from the suites into an otherwise grown up apartment.
  16. Learn to resist ice cream.  Sometimes.  Or not.
  17.  Improve my communication skills when I’m upset.
  18. Be more aware of the news.
  19. Be able to do 25 real pushups.
  20. Learn how to paint my own nails.
  21. Stop buying clothes that I think I will like and then never wear.
  22. Go on a vacation that I pay for all by myself, even if I have to take this vacation all by myself.
  23. Go camping again.
  24. Make an effort to put other people’s happiness ahead of my own sometimes.
  25. Read an important book.  I don’t know what this is yet but I will keep reading until I find it.

I also just realized that this idea follows Rachel’s post 20 Things to do Before I’m 30.  I think this is a good thing though, we can keep each other on track.  I only have a year now, that’s why I’m starting early.




2 thoughts on “Growing up.

  1. I don’t like growing up, but I like that we have goals! Besides, you need to be able to kill spiders since I can’t tell you to jump on a chair while I throw shoes at them anymore!

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