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Moving day!

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Hey guys!  Another late post today- sorry!  This has been such a busy week.  Today was my last day at home so the past three days have been a whirlwind of emptying out furniture, packing up boxes, going to my grandmas to pick up free furniture left by my aunts and uncles over the years, and foraging around my own house for items that I need and don’t think my parents will miss.  I don’t have a specific topic to talk about today, just my reflections on what feels like packing up my childhood.

This is my second attempt at fleeing the nest, the first time didn’t quite stick, but this time around things feel more permanent.  Something about packing away all of your necessary belongings and taking all of your furniture with you just says “I’m really not coming back this time, really, I swear”.  It’s been a bit sad though throwing away old trinkets that I’ve had since childhood and banishing the things that I will be leaving behind to the corner behind my bed.  I think now that I will come back for them in a few months, but really my mom will probably put most of it in the attic never to be seen again so it’s as good as lost.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I have a lot of stuff.  Kunaal is coming with all of his clothes and belongings in one bag.  ONE BAG.  Last I counted I have 3 giant tubs, 6 small boxes, one suitcase, not to mention a dresser, nightstand, bed, chair, 2 bookshelves and an entertainment center.  Looking at all of my things stacked high in the entryway ready to be be loaded up first thing in the morning makes me feel hugely materialistic.  There are people who could literally fit all of their belongings into one of my smallest boxes.  As soon as I saw everything piled high together I said to myself,  “I could easily do without half of this,”  but it’s way too much work now to empty everything out again and decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not.

I’ve spent the whole beginning of this week preparing and the adventure is just beginning.  In the next few days we not only have to move into the apartment, but also drive out to Pittsburgh for a family wedding on the weekend, only to return and finish settling in after a few days.   Hopefully by next week things will be settled down and I can share some pics and get ready for everyone to come visit!


One thought on “Moving day!

  1. I can’t wait to visit you in your new apartment!!!!

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