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A 24 Hour Whirlwind Adventure


So we’ve already done “a day in the life” posts, but this past Sunday for me is worth mentioning. I was awake for 27 hours. Brutal. I’ve only ever done this once before in my life, and it hurts. Here’s a timeline of my day.
Woke up. I had tickets to Old Timer’s Day at Yankee Stadium (aka one of the greatest days of the year) so I wanted to make sure I had time to eat and get ready and make sure I was packed for the events to follow later in the day.
Left the house. Drove about 40 minutes to the Woodbridge Mall to park my car as I was going to be heading down the Garden State Parkway later on and it was a good middle point between the Bronx and Atlantic City. Yes, looking ahead, I drove from the Bronx, New York, to Atlantic City. Let it sink in.
Made my dad drive to Yankee Stadium. I had to give him directions there. Who knew? I thought he knew how to get everywhere. Whizzed up 95, while getting an education on the industrial towns and cities and structures we drove past. K Dad. Hashtag engineer problems.
Arrived at the stadium and made our way inside. I was under the impression that the Old Timer’s Day ceremonies were going to start at 11 so I wanted to be there with plenty of time. We got to watch the old timers take batting practice and socialize and I got to work on my burn. It was great. I’ll spend every minute of every day in that stadium. And the weather was perfect…I was in heaven, literally.
The ceremonies started. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Old Timer’s Day, it’s a day where retired former Yankee players come back and get recognized and celebrated. All sorts of MVPs, All Stars, World Champions, and Hall of Famers come back and get their warm welcome. Then, those who want to (and are physically able to) play a 5 inning game. It’s the most adorable thing because they are having the time of their lives and the fans and current players get such a kick out of it. It’s seriously the best time ever and I can’t wait til next year.
All the old timers lined up

All the old timers lined up

The real Yankee game versus the Tampa Bay Rays began. It had it’s exciting moments, but nothing spectacular happened. I was planning on leaving at 4, so I had been hoping for the game to be going swiftly. It did not. I also had to listen to the woman in front of me squawk about her sunburn and how she was running late that morning, and the man behind me complain about everything the Yankees do, even though he swore on his life he was a fan. Sure bud. Calm down.
The boys of summer

The boys of summer

6th inning. Adios, boys. See you soon. Listened to the rest of the game in the car back to Woodbridge. Probably shouldn’t have. It was sad.
Hopped into my oven of a car and settled in for a 2 hour drive down the parkway to Atlantic City. Thank goodness everyone was going north…I have no patience for the traffic I was seeing. Rather, by the time I was an hour in and nearing the exits for LBI, there were hardly any cars on the road. I don’t hate it.
So maybe I sped a little bit…but that’s besides the point. Made it to AC! Ready to rage as always. Doors to the show opened at 10pm so I had plenty of time to catch up with my friend, shower, eat, get all fancied up, and pregame. Made some friends who were bros from Massachusetts and flew down just for the show. So okay. They were pesky but whatever.  We managed to shoo them away and finished getting ready.
Hooray, we avoided the downpour! Only holy humidity, my straight hair just doubled in size. Even in our short walk from the Showboat to Revel, the weather was killer. So were the heels I was wearing. Yikes. And the old men creepers in Revel who have probably never seen a female dressed up, ever? Double yikes. Anyway, ran to the back and found our way into HQ Nightclub. Darkness and bros and photo bombing and booze and beats. Let the craziness begin.
DANNIC!!! One of my new favorite DJs. Dance!
Time to get more drinks? Yes? Ok…
Just kidding. HARDWELL!!!! Currently my favorite, favorite DJ. in.cred.i.ble. I can’t describe it. If you like the music, it’s all just something you need to experience in person. But seriously, Hardwell KILLED it. Love him.


Whew, I need to sit. My feet hurt. What? DYRO!!! DJ number three of the night. Yep. So myself and friend and co. sat on the edge of a VIP area and raged for another hour. It was a good time.
Hardwell and Dyro being awesome

Hardwell and Dyro being awesome

HQ, out. Climbed down ten million flights of stairs (don’t forget, in heels) and was running on so much adrenaline that we weren’t even tired. So my friend’s friend took it upon himself to teach us how to gamble. Such a joke. Craps? Load of crap. Don’t get it one bit. Rolled some dice. That’s all. Wandered around the Revel floor. Danced some more. Onto Blackjack? Okay. Only I thought it was poker, so I sounded like an idiot. I also came to the realization that whenever we decided to leave, the sun would be up already. So…
See ya Revel! Call me, Hardwell! Indeed, the sun was up. Some hardcore people were out for their morning bike rides. Awkward, as we were walking back in dresses and heels and whatnot, though it is Atlantic City, so maybe not as awkward as it seemed. Still not feeling tired, hey, why not head home? I would need to leave by 9am anyway, so why  not get started early? Okay yeah!
Good morning Atlantic City!

Good morning Atlantic City!

Bye Showboat! See you next summer probably! Okay good I should be home by 9am this is good I got this…
Parkway. ZZZZZ. Wait what wake up. Air conditioning: high. Music: loud. Sing-a-long: terrible. Gum: choking. God this is not going well. Just a quick nap, please? Oh my god one hour and fifty minutes to go.
As the volume picked up on the parkway and my eyelids got heavier, I decided that I needed to talk to someone and make my brain function. So hey dad…hey mom…
HOME SWEET HOME. Shower please! And then into my glorious bed!
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Forreal. The best two hours I’ve ever slept.
I lived to tell the not so super interesting tale. Thank goodness this almost never happens to me. I’m tired just thinking about it.

4 thoughts on “A 24 Hour Whirlwind Adventure

  1. You impress me, this makes me feel like an old lady.

  2. I got tired just reading this. Clearly, you are the hardcore youngin’ of Honesty Time.

  3. i did nothing last night and then got a solid 8 hours a sleep. so, we’re pretty much the same.

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