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Martha’s Vineyard


Travel week!  Excited!  I love to travel, and have been lucky enough to visit a fair number of different places in my life so far.  The place that I want to share with you guys though is not very exotic or far away.  It’s just in Massachusetts, about a four hour drive and an hour ferry ride from Vermont.  My family has been going on vacation here just about ever year since I was around 10 years old.  Sometimes we rent different houses, and sometimes bring different friends and family along, but no matter what, it’s a trip that I look forward to every year.  In fact, my parents are heading down in about a week and I’m hoping to join them, so it’s basically all I’ve been able to think about.

I’m not claiming to be a local, or a full summer resident, but since we’ve spent a week or two in the same little town each summer, I’ve figured out a few things that I can’t miss whenever I’m there.  So, here you have it-  Kaely’s Guide to Martha’s Vineyard.

South Beach- Edgartown, MA


This is one of my favorite beaches on the island.  It’s always bike-able from where we stay, and there are running paths parallel to the sand dunes that are nice in the morning before it gets too hot.  I used to think that this beach was sometimes a bit crowded, but that was before I went to the Jersey Shore and saw real crowds.  There is never any trouble parking, and the beach is free.  On sunny days we’ll pack up a lunch either from one of the local stores or made from ingredients picked at the farmer’s market, and spend the entire day walking, reading, and swimming.

Farmer’s Market- West Tisbury


This is the farmer’s market that began my love affair with fresh produce and locally grown foods.  It runs Wednesday’s and Saturdays throughout the summer.  There are always fresh vegetables, flowers, jams, cheeses, breads, salsas, pestos and even soaps and lotions.  There tends to be a greater selection on Saturdays but also bigger crowds.  I always get a fresh squeezed limeade and then we peruse the stands for fresh lunch and dinner creations.

Chilmark Chocolates, Chilmark


What is a vacation without indulging a little?  Chilmark Chocolates is the perfect place to get your chocolate fix.  It’s a teeny tiny little shop with lines usually out the door (unless you get there early, or on a rainy day), you can pick out different sized boxes and then make your way across the shop selecting what candies you want.  Most of the creations are named after sites on the island. My favorites are chocolate covered ginger and anything with chocolate/carmel/nuts.

Lobster Rolls at sunset- Menemsha


Menemsha is the western most point on the island, so it’s sunset are about the most beautiful you can find.  We’ve been a few times on clear nights to sit on the beach and watch the sun go down slowly.  There are always people swimming, picnicking, and playing around, also trying to take loads of beautiful family pictures.  In recent years it has been our tradition to buy lobster rolls and chips from Grace Church and eat them in lawn chairs while the sun is setting. Don’t ask me how my family discovered this small church because sadly I wasn’t there that year.  It feels like a hidden local secret spot and the lobster rolls are such a bargain!  Definitely not to be missed.

Ice Cream and shopping- Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven


One of my favorite things to on nice evenings is stroll around the little shopping towns.  If we go out to dinner we will usually forgo desert in favor of the fresh, locally made ice cream and a stroll around town.  Depening on which town you’re in, you’ll either find fancy little boutiques, friendly crafty stores, or beachy general stores.  They’re all great for window shopping, or actual shopping.  And the ice cream is always amazing, no matter where you go.


3 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard

  1. I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard once, and I feel like all we did was go into the fancy little boutiques. We should definitely go back and follow your guide. I definitely want chocolate or ice cream! But that’s typical for me wherever I am.

  2. Great blog and pictures! You seemed to have captured the essence of what Martha’s Vineyard is all about. I’ve been a summer visitor all my life (50+ years), and I never grow tired of the place nor bored by it! It is truly a special place unlike anywhere else. Thanks for sharing!

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