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The Few Places I’ve Gone…

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I appreciate traveling so much because I was never able to when I was younger. My family didn’t go on vacations because my mom doesn’t fly. We stuck to day trips within the area that we live. Since I’ve been old enough to travel on my own, or had the chance to travel with others, I’ve jumped at whatever opportunities I could.

1. Norwegian Spirit cruise, spring break, senior year of high school with two friends and one’s parents

Our cruise ship, the Norwegian Spirit

Our cruise ship, the Norwegian Spirit

My first “big” trip away was on this cruise. I know cruises have a bad reputation, and it has been six years since this trip, but I had a fantastic time. We went to Magic Kingdom for a day, swam with sting rays, and I got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had in my life, but it was the best time with my friends. If I were to ever do another cruise again, I’d pick NCL. It was a great time.

2. Walt Disney World, spring break, sophomore year of college with Lori and Kaely

The happiest place on earth

The happiest place on earth

This was the first time I was experiencing Disney World for real. And this was me leading up to the trip every single day:


20 year old me was a giddy little girl who couldn’t keep her excitement under control. We had a day to hit every park and then some. The trip included Space Camp (that’s for another day), shackles, dancing bros, random ride partners, and probably a lot more that I can’t remember right now. But I’m so happy that I was able to actually go and experience the parks in their entirety. I actually can’t wait until the day I go back, whenever that may be.

3. Peru, May-June after sophomore year of college with a class

Lori, me, and Kaely at Machu Picchu

Lori, me, and Kaely at Machu Picchu

Lori and Kaely were also on this trip. We took a class for a semester that focused on ecotourism and biodiversity all that jazz in Peru, and then we went there.  Two professors and 15 girls went on this trip, and we traveled to Lima, Cusco, and the rainforest, all within three weeks. This was a once in a lifetime trip, and I never thought the first time I would really leave the country would be to go to South America. I still can’t believe I got to go to Machu Picchu and romp around the Amazon rainforest.

4. Wellington, Florida, spring break, junior year, with my friend and her mom

I love horse shows

I love horse shows

Us equestrians have a mecca, and that is Wellington, Florida. From January until April, there is a massive horse show called the Winter Equestrian Festival, and everyone goes there in the winter. My roommate and I wanted to go there, because being horse people, we will gladly spend a week at a horse show watching all the pretty ponies go round and round. I dream of it all the time. I’ve been back once since this trip, and I’m amazed at the professionals that I see and the caliber of horses that do what they do.

5. Turks and Caicos, winter break, with my dad and sister

This place is beautiful

This place is beautiful

I was actually surprised by this trip. My dad planned it and my sister and I were ecstatic. A week on an island is something we had wanted to do forever. It’s an incredibly beautiful place, and not as crowded (I would think) as a place like the Bahamas, although we did go after everyone left from New Years. I want to go back so bad.

6. Universal Studios, spring break, senior year, with Allyssa, Amanda, and Lori

The real reason we went to Universal

The real reason we went to Universal

Harry. Potter. World. My obsession. We’re going back soon, guys. Gotta hit up Diagon Alley once it’s open. This was a great trip because we were all of age, therefore allowing us to go to Pat’s. Patty’s. Pat O’Brien’s. The greatest place in the world. I don’t need to say much more…it’s an experience you need to have.

I was fooled into thinking that this summer I would have the opportunity to go to Europe, probably London and maybe Paris, but alas, that is not happening. Someday, though. Until then, I’ll plan a variety of other vacations and hope that maybe one of them will pan out. Who wants to get away?


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  1. This week has told me one thing: We all need to travel together again. And yes, definitely need to see Diagon Alley when it’s done.

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