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Another late one.


Hey guys, sorry for another late post!  It’s been another crazy day, I’m back in Vermont for a doctors appointment and family gathering this weekend.  I spent the whole day jumping from train to train en route to Albany and I spent the whole time thinking about how much easier it would be to just drive, mostly just because I was lugging behind a huge bag.  It’s a bit strange for because for for as long as I’ve been alive my parents have been a two car family, and as my sister and I began to drive, a four car family.  I know that seems very excessive but living in Vermont where winters are snowy and freezing and public transportation is extremely limited, it really was a necessity.  Anyway, on Friday I will officially be returning my car to the Mazda dealership and saying so long.   It has me feeling a bit sad because, even though ill rarely be driving, it’s a nice thing to know you have as an option If you need a quick escape or something.  But then again, since I’ve been away from the house I’ve barely thought twice about driving at all.  Hopefully in the next year I won’t forget how.

What do you guys think?  If you never needed a car, do you ever wish that you had the convenience of just throwing your bags in the back and taking off?  Or, if you’ve had a car for a while, would you feel bitter sweet about giving it up?  Part of it could also be that I was always the kid who would anthropomorphize things like cars and think of them as an extension of our family.  The headlights look like eyes, right?


2 thoughts on “Another late one.

  1. I love my car but I hate driving. I feel like that says something about me as a person, but I’m not sure what exactly.

  2. Everyone tells me that the back of my new car looks like a face, and I do love my car a lot. She is my pal.

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