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Apartment Tour!

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Guys, I can’t believe that we’ve been in Philly for over a month now.  This is my way of giving you a sneak peak of our apartment in hopes that you will be so interested that you will come visit me!

Alright, so let’s just jump in.  Welcome!


This is a blurry picture of the front door.  Sorry, I never claimed to be a good photographer.  Fun fact:  The little peep hole is at about neck level (So, for Kunaal it’s about waist height.), so we don’t really use that.  Also, that bottom lock is completely useless.

Moving along, to your left is the bathroom.


Despite the giant paint stain on the screen, the window in the shower is one of my favorite aspects of the entire apartment.  It was part of my checklist when we first started looking because it’s so difficult to get ready in poor lighting.  Also, I’ve discovered that the sunlight and cool breeze coming into the hot shower feels seriously amazing.


Oh, hi again!  This is just the sink/selfie.  Another fun fact:  We use separate toothpaste because I like whitening toothpastes but Kunaal has sensitive teeth :D.  Mine is obviously the one neatly squeezed from the top down, his is all mangled.


Onto the kitchen and dining area.  As you come further in, our teeny tiny dining table is set spartanly in the corner.  We have place mats to jazz it up but they’re put away at the moment.  Also, if we ever have dinner guests over there will either be couch-eating or floor sitting, as these are our only two dining chairs.  On top of that, one of them we move back and forth between the table and the desk because we literally only have two chairs.


This is our super cramped kitchen.  We actually have a rule that only one person is allowed in the kitchen at a time, especially if the stove is on, because I almost started one fire already.  Surprisingly, for such a small kitchen, it is so difficult to keep food around.  It feels like we are running out to the grocery store every single day.


In this corner of the living room we have the desk (no chair), and a lovely window looking straight into our neighbors apartment.  This has led to a few awkward eye-contact encounters, so for the most part, we avoid looking out of this window in the evenings.


Above are a few pictures of the living “room”, we spend most of our time here on the couch reading and watching TV, or in my case, procrastinating and being lazy.  The plant in the corner is a new addition and needs to be named, since it’s probably the closest that we will get to having a pet for a while.


Last but not least is the bedroom.  It’s a bit boring, but we like to think of it as tranquil and relaxing.  Although the mess in the closet and on the bookshelf probably counter-balances the calm and serenity of the white walls, and bed, and everything else.  Oh well, I still sleep alright.

So that’s it!  I really hope you guys will come see it in person soon!


One thought on “Apartment Tour!

  1. I can’t wait to visit! And your plant should be Love Fern Jr., whether or not it is a fern (sorry, I’m not so good at identifying plants).

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