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The Boy Bands Of My Life


With the recent developments of an NSYNC reunion happening this weekend at the VMAs, I have to say that my inner 11 year old self is trembling with excitement. I truly believe that the 90s and early 2000s had the best music, and the best groups. I, like every other girl growing up and trying to survive their middle school years, obsessed over boy bands. All pop music, for that matter. But truthfully, if you weren’t listening to the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, you just didn’t know what good music was. I remember riding the bus to elementary school even, and hearing the heavenly voices of Justin, JC, Joey, Chris, and Lance so beautifully blended together on the radio. Great way to start your school day when you’re a preteen girl. Now don’t get me wrong, as obsessed as I was with NSYNC, I equally loved as much (okay, a little bit more) those heartthrobs that made up the Backstreet Boys. I can specifically recall when “I Want It That Way” was released and every single girl singing it on the bus when it was on the radio. I even mentioned in a previous post how I almost wore out my Millennium CD by listening to it so much. Seriously though, the music of these “boys” was my everything. Remember those Scholastic book orders in school? Well I was that girl who ordered the books on the boys and learned everything about them. Stalker, no. Obsessed fan who did nothing more but read about and listen to them, yes. Those concerts on the Disney Channel? Recorded them…on VHS. I still have them. The Backstreet Boys performed at the New Amsterdam theatre in New York City, long before I realized where exactly that was and how close it is to me. Nick (swoon), AJ, Brian, Kevin, and Howie could have been all mine and I let them get away.
Hardcore fan. Yes I have the NSYNC/Britney Spears McDonalds CD. And don't ask why I have two "Backstreet Boys" CDs...I'm not sure myself but I don't hate it

Hardcore fan. Yes I have the NSYNC/Britney Spears McDonalds CD. And don’t ask why I have two “Backstreet Boys” CDs…I’m not sure myself but I don’t hate it

My biggest regret in life (okay, maybe not my biggest, but still pretty big) is never seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert. Or NSYNC, but mostly BSB. They were recently in the area and I could have gone and screamed my head off and sang every single song along with them, but alas, I did not. I’m still upset about it. I get sad watching videos of their Millennium tour because I think it was the greatest thing ever. I love the dedication the fans have to them, even to this day. Find old videos and clips of TRL back in the day when these guys were taking over the world, and you’ll see that they pretty much shut down the streets of New York City. All of this without social media and the like. So take that, One Directioners or whatever you call yourselves. Those are real fans who are really dedicated to real musicians who paved the way for your pesky favorites. You’re welcome. Now I can only hope that BSB makes their way back around to the area so I can worship them they way they should be worshipped, and pray that maybe NSYNC will make a comeback. Please…do it for me…I don’t want to grow up…let me be a kid one more time…I want you back (see what I did there…) ALRIGHT!

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