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Much Needed Vacation

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Hello fellow readers and bros!  I have finally returned from my weeklong vacation.  I must admit I did not go anywhere other than south jersey for a week.  It was Kurt’s birthday so we planned similarly to last year.  Seeing as his birthday was on a Sunday, I took the whole week off and Kurt took until Wednesday.  That being said, the timing could not have been better.   I do wish I could have taken an even longer time from work.  I was getting used to waking up and not really doing much but spending time with my boyfriend, or when he went back to work for those two days, spending the days with his mom.   I really needed the change of scenery.  I could not have had a better time.  I will share some of the fun activities we did during our little vacation period.

Monster Truck Rally

This event was…interesting…to say the least.  The event, of course, started approximately 25 minutes later than it should have and consisted of 6 monster trucks.  Although by the end of the night, they may have only had 3 or 4 functioning.  Trucks broke down, wouldn’t start, and 2 of the trucks even had to share tires!  I can’t even begin to understand how in the world that even occurred.  Despite the wait, the damaged trucks, and the trucks that share tires stay together situation, I had such a great time.  Kurt really made this so much better.  He was screaming the entire night at the trucks and the god-awful announcer.  The announcer had such a hard time speaking and would only state the obvious.  Such as…“These are quarter million dollar trucks people.”  “Look at that truck go over those cars.”  “Here we have the greeee…black, black and green….uh…red…red and black truck.”   Anyway these are a few examples of what Kurt had to say, which was way better than what the announcer was trying to say.


“GRAVEDIGGER!” (Yes this is an actual monster truck.  No the truck was not at this event)



“THE SOUTH SHALL RISE” (There was a truck with a confederate flag on the back)

“Where’s the truck boat truck?! (Squidbillies reference)

By the end of the night, he had the entire section laughing and looking over at him wondering what he would say next.  He probably provided the better part of the entertainment.  All I can say was that I was in physical pain from laughing so hard.

Here are some pictures of the trucks…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

photo 5         photo 4

I almost forgot!  The last two pictures are of a jet engine melting a car!!  Holy crap it was crazy!  Sorry the pictures don’t do it any justice.


Eagles Training Camp

No. I am not an Eagles fan.  I repeat.  NOT an Eagles fan!  However, it was Kurt’s birthday, they won the tickets, and I was promised the zoo afterward.  Kurt was unbelievably happy, as we were able to sit 4 rows away from the grass in the end zone, it was pretty neat to see how teams actually practice, and I got a nice little tan.  I also got to see Kaely that day at the zoo.  So it really worked out in all aspects.


Philadelphia Zoo

We were able to make a whole eventful day of going to Philadelphia that managed to make everyone happy.  The day included the training camp in the morning, zoo in the afternoon, and of course dinner after the zoo with Kaely, Kurt, and Kathy (Kurt’s momma).  This was easily one of my favorite activities that we did.  Not only did Kaely get to come, as mentioned earlier, but also I got to see the animals!  I cannot even remember the last time I visited a zoo.  For some reason, the only time  I can actually remember was when my grandma was still alive which would have been approximately 13 years ago.  While I must admit, I do enjoy the aquarium more, the zoo did not disappoint.

I had gone with the intention of seeing giraffes.  By the time we had left training camp and actually arrived at the zoo, it was only open for another 2 hours.  So, of course I wanted to see as much as I could, but I had my mind set on those cute little giraffes above all else.

That being said, we saw 95% of what the zoo had to offer and that zoo is big!  We went into the little animal houses, walked around and saw primates, big cats, hippos, birds, peacocks walking the paths, kangaroos, a scary silverback gorilla charging the glass, and of course giraffes.  The only thing we did not get a chance to observe was the Reptile House.  Honestly, I can say that I am not at all disappointed by the lack of reptiles.

Here are some of the animals!


This is an activity that I surprisingly enjoy.  I was able to go crabbing for the first time last year around Kurt’s birthday and I had a blast.  Although, I must admit, I have so much fun because I think of the delicious dinner we will have after a successful day.  If you have never gone crabbing, this is how the day usually goes.

We wake up on the early side, around 7:30am, pack our WAWA sandwiches and iced tea, fill the back of Kathy’s pickup truck with crab traps, bait, knives, rope, and the coolers, and finally we are on our way.

There is an area we revisited because it was a successful trip last year. We arrived and started crabbing around 9:30am.  That means we had all the traps in the water baited waiting for the right chance to pull up the traps.  Let me tell you guys, it was slow going.  For what seemed like forever, we were pulling up empty trap after empty trap.  Then we were pulling up traps with crabs that were just shy of the necessary 4 1/2″ measuring.  Don’t worry, our patience paid off and our luck started to turn around.

Let me tell you, it was slow going at first, but our little spot did not disappoint this year either.  By the time we packed the equipment back in the truck at 3:00pm, we had caught 38 crabs!  We ate all of them for dinner.  Not a single one left over.


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  1. If you ever want to see a giraffe, just come visit Sampson. He’s pretty much the same thing. I’m jealous of all your funtivities!!!!

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