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The Job Search


I’m keeping this post short and sweet today, mostly because I’m running around and being busy for once. As we’ve all blogged about at some point, finding a full time job is incredibly frustrating when you’re not getting anywhere. I know in my case, the type of job I’m looking for isn’t exactly something I’ve had a ton of experience in, but it’s also not something where a specialized education is needed in order to do it. The most frustrating part of it all is that in looking for an “entry-level” job, almost every single thing I’ve come across requires at least a few years of experience. Or internships are offered but for college credit only, which puts us graduates at a disadvantage. I’ve been looking on the same few websites and come up with a lot of the same things over and over, and I take a shot in the dark at applying to really big companies without any expectations of getting a response. I don’t use my LinkedIn that much, so that is a resource I should go to more. But really, does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to look anymore because I feel like I’m not going to find anything. Stressing about finding a job is always on my mind, and it’s making things hard to enjoy. I’m doing the Color Run with these bros this weekend and there will be birthday celebrations after, so maybe I’ll go a weekend without worrying about continuing the job search next week. Fingers crossed, always.


3 thoughts on “The Job Search

  1. I hear ya, bro. I keep applying to jobs that ask for years and years of experience, but I can no longer find internships that I’m qualified for. It’ll happen for us soon, it’s just taking an annoying amount of time.
    I should probably actually make a linkedin. Is it useful?

    • The one time I’ve used it so far for searching, it’s come up with some random stuff, and some things that I haven’t seen that I might look more into…I don’t know how much success anyone else has had with it though as far as finding something. It does connect you in a better way than Facebook and other sites like that though.

      • I haven’t had very much success with LinkedIn as far as job searching goes. I have been looking at Craigslist believe it or not. Of course there are the go to job boards such as careerbuilder and simplyhired. That beig said. I feel the same exact way. I feel like everything gets sucked into a big black hole and never sees the light of day.

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