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11 Reasons I am Actually Chuckie Finster


Happy Labor Day! It looks like it’s going to be a cloudy, rainy one here today (What’s up 90% humidty wooooo), so I’m probably going to stay inside all day and watch TV. Which is appropriate, because it’s TV week here at Honesty Time!

(I also might bake a million pumpkin flavored things today because, Hey, September, nice to see you! It’s time for pumpkin, right???)

So, TV week. Lots of options to write about, right? But I figured I should write about not just a show, but about my life. Getting real deep here, today. I will admit a Truth:

Harry Potter, or Chuckie Finster? You decide.

Harry Potter, or Chuckie Finster? You decide.

When I’m not busy being Harry Potter’s doppelgänger, I am actually being Chuckie Finster, from the classic 90s childhood hit TV series Rugrats.

That’s right. A real grown-up way to start to TV week.

I was definitely a Nickelodeon kid growing up, and the 90s/very early 2000s were of course the best time to be a Nickelodeon kid. In college, I had a Netflix free trial and very quickly consumed all of the “vintage” Nick TV shows, especially Rugrats. Of course, TeenNick recently started showing some classic Nickelodeon TV shows with their “The 90s Are All That” programming. I love it.

The only sad thing about this, though, is that I can’t even stay awake late enough to watch it most of the time. I usually try to catch an episode of Rugrats before passing out, though. It’s on these sleepy nights that I always realize how well I relate to Chuckie Finster. Sad. Here are just a few of the ways that I am Chuckie Finster:

Gingers, unite!

Gingers, unite!


1. I once was a ginger. My hair is also pretty unruly, just like Chuckie’s.

2. Speaking of Chuckie’s hair… Remember when Chuckie was terrified to get his first hair cut? I don’t like getting my hair cut either. It really needs to be cut (again, and again), but I’m always afraid of what will happen. I guess Chuckie’s afraid that it will hurt (Thanks, Angelica), but I just know that my self-image is all that hurts when I come out of the salon.

3. We’re both left-handed. I still don’t know if being left handed is cool or… “special,” but I’m pretty sure most people in my family thought it was wrong too.

clowns4. Clowns. Why oh why. Clowns.

5. The real honesty in Honesty Time: Chuckie and I = thumb suckers. Ok, obviously not anymore. We both got over it, thank God. But when I was little, just like Chuckie, I couldn’t stop in that one episode of my life. That was some really honest Honesty Time.

6. So much congestion. I feel you, Chuckie, with your mouth-breathing and sinus problems. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and I spend a good portion of the year/every morning/middle of the night just like that. It’s attractive, I know. Remember the episode when Chuckie got his breathing fixed, and then his congestion came back? That’s pretty much me in the fall and spring.

7. I go to weddings for the cake, too. Even though I can’t actually eat it. Whatever. In the episode “Let Them Eat Cake” Chuckie knows what I’m talking about because he goes on an adventure to find cake at a wedding. I try to find cake every day.  I’m probably going to try to find cake when I’m done writing this, but unlike Chuckie, I won’t save a wedding in the process. Close enough.

8. Watch this video above. See the two clips about how Chuckie plays with his town and sorts his blocks? That’s some serious, neurotic OCD-type stuff there. Ready for some more super honest Honesty Time? Me. That’s me. I even sort my M&Ms and Skittles. Every year in college, my clothes were hung up exactly the same way. The green shirt next to the blue shirt, and the black and gray striped shirt next to that one. Pants came next… etc, etc. I eat my food a certain way. My Polly Pockets were always laid out in the same order. Everything has an order.

9. “If you were real adults, you could stay up through nap time!” said Angelica. And of course, Chuckie replied “I did that once.” Once, just once. I know, man, I know. That’s a pretty big feat. I love nap time.

10. I’m oh so careful and cautious. Or is it pessimistic? Chuckie’s main catch phrase is “I don’t think that’s such a good idea” and I pretty much agree with him all of the time. I think being friends with Tommy would have made me a nervous wreck when I was a baby. I don’t know how Chuckie did it. I don’t know if it’s how I was raised or just me, but I don’t usually take walks on the wild or reckless side. Ever, actually. Chuckie and I really need to be talked into these kinds of things. We’ll do it, you just have to twist our arms. Not our left ones, tough, please. We need them.

11. We thought we wanted to be grown ups. We really did. Jobs, and eating Reptar Cereal every day – what could go wrong? No. We change our minds. Let’s not be grown ups. Please.


To close, just watch this super inspirational mash up of clips, with one of the best songs ever (except why this version is by Michael Bolton I just don’t know)


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

8 thoughts on “11 Reasons I am Actually Chuckie Finster

  1. Thank you so much for all of the clips! I loved this show.

  2. Totally feel ya, but if you’re going to be anyone, at least Chuckie is careful! He will probably never get in trouble!! PS: http://www.themarysue.com/celeste-pille/#2

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