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My obsession with Netflix.


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Happy theme week everyone!  So this one had me a bit stumped.  There are a lot of things I could say about TV.  I could tell you that my favorite TV show of all time, that I never, ever, ever, get sick of watching in re-runs is FRIENDS.  Or I could talk about all of the shows that I’ve gone through phases of watching, American Idol, House, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Sex and the City, etc.  Or I could talk about the two shows that I’m anxiously awaiting the beginnings of new seasons, Girls, and Downton Abbey.  

Instead though, I’m going to talk about Netflix.  Like Kurt, I strongly dislike my programming to be interrupted by advertisements.  I’m too easily distracted, or I think that commercial breaks will be very long and I end up missing important chunks of my shows while I’m off doing other things.  This is why, ever since hacking into my mom’s Netflix account, I have plowed through one series after another.  Also, it might have something to do with being unemployed.

I remember being a kid- before cell phones, but right after my dad got our families first car phone.  My mom told my sister and I that ever since she was a little girl, she thought it would be amazing to be able to talk on the phone from inside of the car, but she never imagined that it would become a reality during her lifetime.  Netflix is my car phone.  Who doesn’t remember being a kid and wishing that you could pause your live TV show to go to the bathroom, or make a snack, or go outside? 

The ability to watch a series completely on my own timeframe is the greatest appeal of Netflix.  I have just barely figured out this DVR nonsense where I can record TV shows and then watch them at my own pace, fast forwarding the commercials.  While this gives me access to programs that are not yet on Netflix, it requires a lot of planning ahead to make sure to schedule the right times.  I also know that there is supposedly a way to set a recording remotely from your smartphone.  This is all way too complicated.  I would rather log in, and know that my computer has saved exactly where I left off watching a show, and know that I can watch 1 episode, or I can watch 10 episodes and I will never have to sit around and wait in anticipation for the next week’s show to air. Or, even worse, for a new season to start.  AND to top it all off, it’s portable.


6 thoughts on “My obsession with Netflix.

  1. I really, really want Netflix again. It’s so good, but so bad. I binge watch a lot of cartoons and TV series when I have it.

  2. Do you have any good Netflix recommendations? I haven’t found anything really worth watching on there in a long time.

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