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Podcasts You Should Listen To


Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you like funny things? Or TV? Movies? Music? Current events? Do you have any interests whatsoever that you enjoy talking about or hearing others’ opinions on? So, do you listen to podcasts on it? No? Well, why the hell not?

I’ve already mentioned my mild obsession with podcasts. I got into them about 3 years ago, when I would really only listen to them while working out. It started with getting my Harry Potter fix by listening to MuggleCast (which has ended now that the movies and books are long over, but I really loved at the time). It continued once I discovered Doug Loves Movies and The Nerdist.

Now that I have a job that allows me to spend basically the entirety of my day with headphones in my ears, my podcast experience has expanded even further. I know that most people can’t spend all their time listening to other people talk, and therefore can’t enjoy quite as many podcasts as I do, but some of these are really worth making the time for. It makes commuting, working out, cleaning your room, and whatever else you do all day, go that much faster.

So here are the podcasts I am currently subscribed to, in alphabetical order:

Who wouldn't want to listen to this guy all day?

Who wouldn’t want to listen to this guy all day?

  • The Alton Browncast – I love the Food Network, and I love Alton Brown. He is like the Bill Nye of food. He’s interesting, funny, and super smart. On his podcast, he takes questions from listeners via the phone or Twitter. He talks about his favorite recipes, usually focusing on some sort of theme (pickles, soufflés, etc.) And the best part is when he brings in guests like Geoffrey Zakarian, Bobby Flay, Ted Allen, Alex Guarnaschelli, Hugh Acheson, and other TV food personalities. It’s a truly interesting listen for anyone with even just a mild interest in the food world.
  • The Cracked Podcast – This is the most recent podcast I’ve started listening to, probably because there are only four episodes so far. I love Cracked, and this podcast is like an audio version of their best articles. Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by some of the best Cracked writers like Dan O’Brien and Robert Brockway to talk about some really fascinating stuff, like generation gaps and privacy. If you like smart and funny people, listen to this.
  • The Dead Authors Podcast – I majored in English in college. Clearly I’m the type of person that cares way more about what dead British white guys* think than people that are alive today. Paul F. Tompkins has always been one of my favorite comedians, so when I found out that this podcast existed, of course I downloaded every one of them. Basically the premise is that H.G. Wells (Tompkins) uses his infamous time machine to collect authors of the past that have since died, bring them to the present, and interview them. His comedian friends play the authors. Some know more about the authors they are playing than others, but it doesn’t matter. It’s absolutely hilarious, and combines two of my favorite things: comedy and books.

*For the record, my focus in school was actually American Ethnic Literature, whatever that means. So I didn’t actually read all that much Dead White British Guy literature, but let’s pretend I did.Doug Benson

  • Doug Loves Movies – This was the podcast that led me to most of the other podcasts I listen to now. It introduced me to so many comedians I had never heard of, and after 3 years of listening, it still makes me laugh out loud. Doug Benson brings in his comedian/actor friends (usually 3, often more) to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA, or various other theaters around the country, to talk about movies in front of a live audience. They play the “Leonard Maltin Game,” along with other fun games (“Build a Title” and “The Bane Game” being my personal favorites). And, as always, anyone who doesn’t listen to DLM and therefore doesn’t get this joke…is a shithead.
  • Firewall & Iceberg Podcast – When I was in high school, I wrote most of the TV/movie/music reviews for my school newspaper, in addition to being an editor. I’m also from New Jersey, so my parents got (still get, actually) the Star Ledger every day. Needless to say, every morning before school, I immediately flipped to the Today section of the paper to see if Alan Sepinwall had written anything new. Years later, I discovered that Alan was a columnist for the site HitFix. Through Alan, I found HitFix. Through HitFix, I found Dan Feinberg. Through Dan and Alan’s columns, I found their awesome weekly podcast, the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. Alan and Dan are seasoned television critics and discuss all of the news and their opinions about some of my favorite shows.How Did This Get Made?
  • How Did This Get Made? – I’ve dabbled in listening to other podcasts on Earwolf, and while they are all great, How Did This Get Made? is my favorite, hands down. I love bad movies. I love Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas. And I love this podcast. Every other week, the three comedians team up with a guest and talk about some terribly awesome and awesomely terrible movies, including TwilightSharknadoSpice World, and From Justin to Kelly.
  • Mike and Tom Eat Snacks – I am a relatively recent MATEy, and I am so happy that the Nerdist Industries brought me here. Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh make such an incredible comedic duo. They pick snacks, they eat snacks, and they rate snacks. They don’t regularly put out episodes anymore, and I think I can speak for all the MATEs viewers (and I know we’re not viewers) when I say all we want are more episodes!
  • The Nerdist – This was one of the first podcasts I really got into. And how could you not? Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira have such a fun dynamic with each other and their guests. And they have had so many incredible guests in their more than 400 episodes. Even their Hostful episodes where there are no guests are so fun to listen to.
    The Nerdist

    The Nerdist

    This podcast spawned into Nerdist Industries, my favorite podcast network. It also turned into an awesome show on BBC America. If you are at all interested in comedy or nerdy things or listening to interesting people talk about interesting things, then listen to this podcast and watch their show and just enjoy your damn burrito.

  • The Pod F. Tompkast – Another podcast by Paul F. Tompkins. It’s hard to explain to the uninitiated what this podcast is really about. Paul’s stream of consciousness style of comedy is kind of incredible to observe. He includes segments from his live shows, phone conversations with his good friend and fellow hilarious comedian Jen “Southie” Kirkman, and the “Great Undiscovered Project” is…well, you really just have to listen to understand. Assisted by the musical stylings of Eban Schletter, Paul has created something really worth listening to.
  • Rob Has a Podcast – Here we go. You knew it was coming. We all know by now that Survivor is my favorite reality show. Rob Cesternino is, and always has been, my absolute favorite Survivor player from my favorite season (Survivor: Amazon).Rob Has a Podcast I’ve watched this show since I was 10, and now I finally have a community of people to enjoy it with. Rob’s is the best TV podcast I’ve listened to. During Survivor seasons, he talks to another great player, Stephen Fishback, every week on the “Survivor Know-It-Alls;” he interviews each eliminated player; and he brings back old players to analyze the game. He’s thoughtful, insightful, and really funny. And he doesn’t just do Survivor podcasts either. Do you like Big Brother? Or The Bachelor and Bachelorette? If you like reality TV, RHAP is the podcast for you. If you like reading about reality TV, check out Rob Has a Website to read some really well-written blogs.
  • The Survivor Historians Podcast – Oh, you thought there would be just one Survivor podcast on this list? You must not know me at all. Mario Lanza, Jay Fischer, and Paul Asleson get together about every month or so to delve into their favorite topic: Survivor, of course. They go back to the older seasons of the show, the ones that aired way before podcasting was a thing. So far they have just finished Pearl Islands. This podcast is for the true Survivor fan. Each episode is about 2 hours and goes into great detail about every episode, talking about each player and some behind the scenes stuff. And they are also incredibly funny.Pete Holmes
  • You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes – This is another podcast I’ve gotten into relatively recently. I haven’t been able to listen to every episode, but I’ve heard most of them. Each episode is at least 90 minutes of the hilarious Pete Holmes talking comedy, sex, and God with another comedian. This show is interesting, hilarious, and often thought-provoking. You will learn so many things about the lives of Pete and his guests that you would never know otherwise. Some of the episodes have been sincerely fascinating; my favorites probably being Emily Gordon, both of Kumail Nanjiani’s, Jenny Slate, Matt Mira, David Angelo, and so, so many more. For pure comedy, the live shows are the best. Pete might be the nicest guy in the world, and I love the way he talks to the other comedians. Keep it crispy, weirdos.

This…kind of got out of hand. Sorry about that. But these are the podcasts I listen to regularly right now. There are others I listen to periodically and still more that I would love to get into if I ever find the time in my intense podcasting schedule. So do me a favor and listen to some of these, please? I promise you it will be worth it.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

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  2. Hey I saw that you plugged our Survivor Historians podcast. Thanks! We’ll keep cranking them out if you keep listening to them. Until then, work hard, play hard.

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