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So today I’m going to write about something sad. I’ve shared it with my fellow bloggers, but it’s something that I’m dealing with and I feel better getting it all out, which means it will all be here. 

Me as a tiny tot in my very first horse show

Me as a tiny tot in my very first horse show

I hate change. That is, change when something has been constant for so long in my life. I have been riding horses at this one barn for 18 years of my life. That is practically unheard of in the horse world, to stay at one barn with one trainer for that long. But I did that because it gave me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. And now, after all that time, my barn is closing. Rather abruptly. Rumors had been going around for a while now, since around the summer or so, but nothing was ever confirmed until one week ago in a newspaper article. I had no idea it was actually happening until then. And within this article, I found out that I have two months to find a new place for my horse. Of course, finding a new barn is simple, right? Wrong. There are so many specific needs that factor into finding the right place, including what’s affordable. And in this area, well, let me tell you, it ain’t cheap out there. 

Galloping around like this these days

Galloping around like this these days

What’s upsetting about this whole situation to me is that I found out from the paper officially that the barn is closing. I’m also incredibly sad because I have so many memories from that place…it’s my second home. There were times during the week when I was there more than I was home. I’ve learned so many life lessons there which have really shaped me into who I am today. I know people are telling me that it will be alright and moving on is a good thing, but I’m not sure those people fully understand the whole story of the situation, or how emotionally attached I am. I know, I am pretty emotional as it is, but man. I’m not sure how I’m gonna get through this one. Stay tuned…


Losing my most favorite place in the world

Losing my most favorite place in the world


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