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What It’s Like To Get a Surprise Call into Work… On a Monday

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As a substitute, I am aware that I may wake up in the morning to a phone call which asks, or requires, me to get up and go to work. I don’t usually answer last minute calls from one of my schools, because it takes almost an hour to get there, and I must leave at 6:50am in order to make the 7:50 bell. The other school is only 10 minutes up the road and starts at 8:30.


Guess which one I got a call from this morning?


Via Tastefully Offensive


At 6:30?


And then I was on the phone until about 6:40 trying to get my plans and the FYI for the day.


I had planned on waking up at 8. It’s Monday, dammit.


Via Tastefully Offensive


Clothes? What are those? How do they match? What is life?


But somehow, I managed to leave the house at 7:00, which isn’t too bad, but not great. So I put my shades on and pump up some Kinky Boots tunes.


Because otherwise I’ll never be awake enough to drive.


Of course because I’m 10 minutes later than I usually am, I must hit an insane amount of traffic.


You know, to make Monday worse.


And then I finally get to the parking lot, but I have no idea where I’m going because the whole thing has been redesigned with assigned spaces and I’m looking for my spot like


And then I meet the freshmen today for the first time, which wasn’t supposed to happen until next week and they’re like


And I’m like


And then I told them to sit down and read and we’re both like


And then I saw kids that already know me  from my other classes and they were like


And I was like




And then I had lunch. And that’s where I am right now.


Mondays. That’s really all I have for today. I was planning on writing something very different, but my blog writing time was taken away and looking at GIFs during my lunch seems productive, even though I won’t be able to finalize and post this until I actually get home.



Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

One thought on “What It’s Like To Get a Surprise Call into Work… On a Monday

  1. Thank you for using gifs. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. And Steve is just the cherry on top.

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