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A working playlist.


Hey guys!  So I have some exciting news to share this week, I’ve just started a new job on Monday.  I can’t disclose information about the organization on personal social media or blogging, so I can’t say too much but I’m excited to tell you more when we’re all together!

Anyway, during my orientation another employee mentioned that a lot of the time people listen to music on their headphones to minimize distractions and stay focused.  I’ve never worked in an organization where this has been a part of the culture so I’m super excited.  Now I can finally listen to some podcasts!  Also, I’ve been curating a playlist in the back of my mind all day of songs that I like and would not be distracting.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking so far, and I would love some good suggestions too!

I know it’s not Taylor Swift, but I think these songs are pretty cool.  Plus, I will be less likely to sing along out loud which, I imagine, will be appreciated by everyone.


2 thoughts on “A working playlist.

  1. Yay! Congratulations. I’m really excited for you.

    I’ve found that when I’m doing work that really requires focus (like writing or editing), I usually listen to music. When I’m doing the more mindless stuff or commuting, that’s when I listen to the podcasts.

    I mostly listen to podcasts at work, so…yup, my job’s really great…

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