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It’s MTV Cribs! Give us a tour of your pad.

Well, sorry, “Blog Cribs”, but I’m not going to give you a tour of my “pad.” One because that’s a bit weird considering I don’t actually know who is really reading this blog, though I’m sure we’d be friends and when I see you in person I can give you a tour. And two, well I live in my parents house and I’m pretty sure they don’t want pictures of their home floating around the internet. Sorry folks.

I can give you a tour of my minuscule, fairly cluttered room though…how’s that? Weird? I guess. I’m hoping to not have to be here that much longer and maybe in the future have a “pad” of my own worth giving a tour.

These are my windows. They look out onto the roof. Isn’t that nice. Actually, I can see part of our backyard which is fine. My main fear though is that giant maple tree that could potentially come crashing into my room in a storm and that would be terrifying. To the right is my not-so-wall-of-fame. I’m not that great. They just add color to the room.

Bed, pictures, ribbons, lamp, yearbooks, blah blah blah. Boring. Also, the lighting in my room is quite poor. I should fix that.

Messy and mismatched dressers. Because I have too many clothes. And too much stuff in general. And my TV that I can only watch DVDs on…that’s depressing.

God forbid I open my closet…I may not fit everything back in. It’s best you not see. Again, too many clothes. Okay I have a problem. Whatever. And my cluttered desk. I’m not even sure what’s on it, in it, behind it…all of my 90s pop CDs are there, oh and all the beads are on that lamp. All of them. All the beads you could ever want. Mine.

So that’s it. Really. Now what do they do on “Cribs” after the tour? Oh, that’s all, now get outta here.


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