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A day in the life.

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So, I messed this post up because I am a massive procrastinator.  If I were really a good blogger I would have taken photos of my life on a different day to post, but I’m not.  So here are photos from my day, up to this moment, and a projection of what the rest of my evening will probably look like.  It’s a nice follow up to my first post, which was also a day in my life, during the summer, when I was still living at home, unemployed.  Let’s take a look!


6:30 am- Hi, yes good morning.  I don’t want to talk about this.


7:00am- Yes, coffee, more, please.

IMG_05377:10am- Get dressed, #OOTD, lawl.  Still too early.  Also, did not wear furry moccasins to work today, but I would if I were sick.


7:30am- Mirror selfie downstairs, note, more coffee.


7:45am- Walk to work, 50 degrees, very cold.

IMG_05458:00am- Welcome to work!  I can’t take many pics here because of how much confidential material we work with, but here is a pic of some pics in my cubicle.  (Send more please!)


IMG_05471:30pm- Eat lunch, at desk.  No idea what the weather is like anymore.
IMG_05404:45pm- Walk home, look at fountain decorated for Halloween.  Think about going for run.  Don’t go for run.  Think about doing yoga.  Don’t do yoga.


6:00pm- Tidy up around apartment, go to Rite Aid, go to grocery store think about dinner.  Not bananas and lettuce hopefully.


6:30pm- Walk home through the park, getting dark, starting to rain.  See puppy jumping up and down and smily stupidly at owner.  Oh well.


6:50pm- This is where the genuine photos end and the projection ends.  I will probably watch TV.

IMG_0554 Make something for dinner around 8:30, and then eat with Kunaal when he gets out of night class.

IMG_0557Then, it will be time for bed, and time to start the whole thing over in a few hours!


One thought on “A day in the life.

  1. I’m honored to have made the cubicle wall.

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