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If I Could Be Any Age Again…

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If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose?

This, to me, is a tricky question. If I could be any age again for a week, would it be an age, but at this moment in time? Or would I go back in time for a week? I’d probably rather choose to go back in time, rather than pick an age and live it right now. I like the way I grew up, meaning without such advanced technology and actually playing board games and spending time outside and not being so preoccupied with what everyone else is doing in their lives. That being said, I’d probably go back to an age when I was a little pea pod, maybe about 6, 7, 8 or so. This was when I first began riding horses (yah, long time, I know). This is when my sister started to become someone I could play with instead of just watching her be her infant self. It was the age before kids started getting pre-teeny and the phase of horrible-ness, which unfortunately lasts too long in life. It’s also a time I vaguely remember, and a time of innocence. As I got older, I started to realize how fast time went by, and when I was that young, I had no concept of the speed of time. Also when you’re that young, you don’t realize so much the world’s problems and how they affect your life…your main concern is how long you get to play with your dolls before dinner. I know that in events like 9/11 when I was 12, it affects the whole country and world, but for our generation, that was a turning point. I feel like we grew up and became so aware from that point on. I honestly don’t remember my life-awareness before that. So for me, I’d like to go back in time to forget about everything troublesome and not have to be responsible. I just want to be that cute, innocent, playful kiddo that I was.

Me, around age 7. I chose my outfit myself.

Me, around age 7. I chose my outfit myself.


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