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If I were to lose all of my possessions in a fire…


Well I’ve been thinking about this all day, it’s making me very sad.  First of all, no one wants to imagine losing all of their belongings in a fire.  Second, no one want’s to admit that they would miss any of their material possessions.  “Well I would still have my family and friends and good health, and those are the things that really matter right?”  Right.  Also, upon moving into this apartment we invested in a decent amount of renters insurance so that we can still have furniture and clothes in the event that we ever are left with nothing.

I don’t really own anything that’s irreplaceable.  I think that people don’t really trust 24 year olds with family heirlooms or priceless antique things.  The closest I have to something that’s irreplaceable is when I’ve managed to snag the last piece of clothing in my size off of the clearance rack that I “have to have”.  But I would happily replace all of my clothes if they were ever destroyed.  It would be like an episode of “What Not to Wear.”  I honestly wouldn’t mind starting with a clean slate.  All of my books and movies (all 5 of them) are easily replaceable.  It would be a paint to lose things like my social security card and bank information and passport, but ultimately, not things that I have a significant emotional attachment to.

I would probably miss a lot of the gifts that people have given me.  The wool blanket that my sister brought me from Scotland, or the farm animal paintings that my aunt gave me as a house warming gift come to mind immediately.  Those are pretty cool things.

Honestly though, I think the thing that I would miss the most, and most immediately would be my computer- for a number of reasons.  I never back anything from my computer up, I would be devastated to lose all of my pictures from the past 5-6 years.  It also still has all of the papers that I wrote in college, and pretty much everything I’ve done since then.  Also, lots and lots of music that I don’t have on CDs and probably couldn’t replace very easily.  It is also my primary form of keeping in touch with people.  Between Facebook, Email, Skype, and I guess this blog I hardly ever need to use my phone.  Or when I do, it’s only to use these same applications on a smaller screen. Presumably my external hard drive is lost in this fire as well, and the few documents that I have saved there?  I really need to learn how to back things up to the “cloud”.  Are there any apple geniuses out there who can teach me how this works?

What do you guys think?  What would you miss the most if you lost all of your material belongings?


2 thoughts on “If I were to lose all of my possessions in a fire…

  1. I’d miss Barkley and my baby blanket the most. Sentimental value. Save Beans!

  2. My books, Eeyore, and my hard drive.

    I think I only understand the Cloud as it relates to the iPhone, not the computer. I just use the cloud stuff on the computer so I can text people from my laptop.

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