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My Favorite Rainy Day Movie

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What’s your favorite rainy day movie?


I’ll be honest…I’m lazy. Especially on rainy days. I feel like they suck the life out of you. But yes, lazy…so lazy that often times I don’t even make the effort to walk across the room from the couch to the TV to put in a DVD. I usually just channel surf all day if there’s no movie on that can keep my attention. Or if there’s baseball on. Always choose baseball. But, for the purposes of this prompt, I did choose a few go to movies that are actually on TV often enough. And if I really cared, I would make some effort to at least physically put one DVD on.

-Some combination of romantic comedies, like Hitch/How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days/27 Dresses

Who doesn’t love a good rom-com? I’ll always stop and watch these movies if they’re on. Adorable, goofy, and they give me (like everyone else) that silly thought that my life will be a story just like the main character in the movie. It’s simple, right?


-National Treasure

Come on, it’s a Disney movie, and you can’t go wrong with a Disney movie. I love the adventure of it all, and for some reason it might be the only movie with a historical theme that can keep my interest.


-Raiders of the Lost Ark & Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Sorry, but I think Temple of Doom is silly and doesn’t fit in with the other two. Oh, and the new one…it sucks. So just these two. I’ll watch them if I’m up for a movie marathon of sorts. Adventure and action, great music, and Indy isn’t so sore on the eyes if you catch my drift.


That’s all really. Like I said, I have TV-ADD and pretty much change it every five seconds instead of going to a movie. Maybe I should pick up a book next time instead…


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