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I feel a little bit like Andy Cohen right now. He does this little bit on his “Watch What Happens Live” show on the things he’s currently obsessed with. So here. Some things I am obsessed with in my life, and the things I am not obsessed with. All things I cannot, and can, live without.


LEFT LANE DRIVERS: I’m from New Jersey, and sure we have a reputation for being bad drivers. But, it’s those people from out of state who just sit in the left lane on the highways just driving along at a snail’s pace. Hello, the left lane is for passing thank you very much now get out of the way.

CHANGE: I get stuck in a pattern and when things happen that I can’t control, I get upset. Probably not the greatest thing in the world that I have a hard time accepting change, but I know, I need to get over it.

PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT OPEN MINDED: Hate on New Jersey? NYC? Horses? My favorite music? The Yankees? Fine. We all have our opinions. But people who don’t see another’s point of view, that’s not cool. I wish people could be more open minded and understanding of why I may like something instead of bashing it and hating on it instantly. Being that kind of person won’t get you anywhere in life. It certainly won’t get people to like you.

BUGS: No bugs. Nope. No sir. None of them. They can all go away.

PEOPLE WHO RUN LATE: I’m sorry, but if you say you’ll be somewhere or do something at a certain time, or if you are told do do so, get it done on time. I personally get anxiety if I’m not on time for something. I don’t like disappointing people like that and having them think I don’t care or am just taking advantage. Set aside enough time to get where you need to be or get something done. I am the master of procrastinating, but I will always be on time.

NO RESPONSES: Hey, you just called/texted me…y u no respond? Oh, you’re all over Facebook and Twitter now, but I’d like a response. K.


STUDENT LOANS: SOMEONE EMPLOY ME. I’m convinced I’ll be paying these off forever.

NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: Usually my own fault, but in the event that I have to get up earlier than usual or am forced to go to bed later than planned, be prepared to deal with me. I get cranky. You won’t like it. I won’t like it. Just let me get my zzzzzz’s.

STATIC ELECTRICITY: Let me tell you. That stuff is horrible, especially in the winter. I have to use dryer sheets on my hair for crying out loud. Not cool. You try taming your hair.

NOT BEING ABLE TO SATISFY THAT FOOD CRAVING: This happens to me quite often. Whether it’s not knowing what it is exactly that I want, or not having it in the fridge or pantry, or even worse…the restaurant doesn’t have it anymore. It’s tragic, really.

GUM SMACKERS: I swear, Imma come right over there and rip that gum right out of your mouth. That goes for anyone who chomps on their food like an animal too. Unless you’re sick. You get a pass.


CHAPSTICK: I literally always need to have chapstick on. I get really anxious if I don’t have any and need it. Call me an addict.

MINT GREEN TEA: Soooooo delicious. I don’t put anything in it. I’ll guzzle down a million cups of this in the summer.

THE WHAT SHOULD WE CALL ME BLOG: I can pretty much relate to everything that is posted. Minus the law school stuff. But everything else is right on point.

RED CUP SEASON: It’s here!!!!! Not even that I love the holiday drinks that much (although the peppermint mocha is quite delectable). It just makes me happy because they are so festive, and I love festive holiday things.

HOLIDAY SEASON IN NEW YORK CITY: Speaking of festive…obviously I love NYC in general, but when everything is Christmas-fied, it feels magical. I love the window displays and the lights and the decorations and everything. One day, I plan on doing an “Elf” tour of the city, which is basically me going everywhere that Buddy goes.

THE JERSEY SHORE: No, not the TV show. That’s stupid. This is the beach. The beach is a wonderful, wonderful place. I think people from New Jersey are the only ones who appreciate the real Jersey Shore for what it is. It’s like a religion. I wish I could spend every day every summer soaking up the sun in the sand there.

SAMPSON: He’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He loves me and I love him. My pony.

BOOTS: Also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Biggest kitty cat in the world.

JIMMY FALLON: He is literally the funniest person ever. I adore him and I want to marry him. He is a comedic genius and he kills me when he cracks up at his own jokes. Ugh Jimmy I love you.

SUNRISES AND SUNSETS: They are so incredibly beautiful. Mind you, I am not a morning person, but in the recent times that I’ve had to get up really early, I’ve found myself working around the sunrises so I can watch them. I wish I had a really good camera because every single one of them is different and stunning and I want to capture those moments.

CLASSIC SONGS: By this, I mean a great song that everyone knows the words to and can just belt out in the car, at a party, wherever. Examples: “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, and pretty much any ’90s pop song (I’m lookin’ at you, boy bands and Britney).

GO-TO HAPPY SONGS: Everyone should have one song that they can go to to make them feel happy and just dance. One that you can listen to on repeat for hours and not tire of it. Cue “Levels” for me. Time to be happy:



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