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Pinterest Owns Me


So here I am, Monday night, blog post unwritten.

Totally out of the norm for me, I know, I know.

Work and life have been kicking my behind. Like so hard. Pretty sure that if work and life actually had feet and could kick me, there would be little foot imprints on my tush. Or big. Work and life are big things, aren’t they?

So I was all ready to totally do this Pintester Movement (This link, by the by, will only work after November 15th because I’m an early bird who likes to get the worm and I only post on Mondays so deal with it) which is Christmas ornament themed.

I love Christmas. I love crafts. I am so into DIY and stuff. You know, what with the sewing and knitting and hot glue gunning until my fingerprints are MIA. So this should have been easy, right?


My show goes up next week so I’ve been sewing and gluing and stitching and drinking so much tea to calm me down and there are no commas in this sentence and there should be but I haven’t had my chamomile tea yet so I’m like wooooosh.

On top of that, I told my friend that I would make a dog bed for his dog. His giant dog. That’s a big doggie. Ok. Well, at least side projects are more relaxing.

And then everything else is just kind of breaking and I found out that my favorite musical Big Fish is closing and I’m so heartbroken over it and I just feel robbed and this is not ok and be the hero of your story and you gotta fight the dragons and I just can’t and why can’t I write real sentences today?

So. I originally was going to make this ornament  because it matches my house and I totally have that stuff in my house. But obviously the problem is that, once I clicked the link, I realized it was Etsy and not a DIY. Also, polymer clay? No, sir. I am not that fancy. I thought that was textured scrapbook paper or something. Whatever. Also, I left my burlap at work.

You heard me.

I. Left. My. Burlap. At. Work.

Where I was using it for work things. Yeah I was.

Hashtag Costumer Life.

SO. What do I have in the house and can make with what little energy I have? To Pinterest!

So I pinned this. Which took me here, but I was actually looking for this.

Anyway. It has all sorts of instructions and a list of stuff you need. I didn’t have white felt. But I had this thin white fleecey fabric that I bought at Joanns last week so that I could make a dove hand puppet.

It's a Disney-fied dove puppet for my play.

It’s a Disney-fied dove puppet for my play.

Yes, a dove hand puppet. More on that next week. I know you’re on the edge of your seats.

So I used that. And I don’t have embroidery thread, so I used regular thread because I’m a rebel.


And I didn’t use any templates or mark it out with a marking pen beforehand because I’m still a rebel.

And I currently have two bags AND a 5 pound box of poly-fil sitting under my sewing room desk because, like I said, I have a really big dog bed to make so, I’mma steal some fuzz from there.

I’m also like the queen of DIY and crafty things and whatever because It’s My Job. I get paid to be crafty.

So here we go.

So I have my two pieces of fleece and I went ahead and freehanded my tree. Oops I cut a little too far on one side of the trunk but maybe that’ll go away when I sew it together, right?

Ok! Time to embellish! The fun part! That was so easy!

Steps 4 and 5… make French knots. What? I don’t embroider. I don’t… what does that mean? I wanted to watch the linked video tutorial but el-oh-le 404 error so I Googled it.

I quadrupled my thread because I don’t have embroidery thread and regular thread was bound to disappear in my fluffy fleece. I don’t know. I’m just rolling with it.


I don’t think that’s right. Let’s try again.


Ok. So. Maybe it’s because my thread is thin? Probably.

Bonus: This is also what it's like to SnapChat with me. Aren't I gorgeous?

Bonus: This is also what it’s like to SnapChat with me. Aren’t I gorgeous?

As you can see, there are only so many French knots I can do before my lines start to look a little a beer-goggled. Oops.  So I stopped. Because hand cramps. And why did I get so ambitious with a million knots when the original pin only had a few? And dinner smelled really good so I wanted to be done with this.

Time to sew it together! Since I’m a crafty, crafty lady, and all creative and stuff, I used green thread on the outline because Christmas, that’s why.


So now I have to stuff it. But my tree trunk is kind of small. I don’t know why I wrote that sentence. It sounds awful to me but I’m also exhausted.

Also this happened the entire time I sewed.

So maybe I’ll just stuff it with catnip, because Lori and I kind of talked about turning ornaments into cat toys anyway. And I don’t have anything other than this thin thread to turn into the hook. So. It’s a cat ornament. Or. Non-hanging ornament for cats.

I told you, I’m a rebel.

I have no idea how I even managed to get the cat nip in there. Magic, perhaps.

DIY verdict? Easy, simple, cute, just don’t be too ambitious when you have a million other projects going on. I might actually make more of these for real come December.

Also, cat approved.


Just a reminder, check out the Pintester and the Pintester Movement (this link will only work on the 15th, just a reminder) and get Pinning! If you want to participate, click here!


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

24 thoughts on “Pinterest Owns Me

  1. Haha good effort. We should make a sad tree with all of our pathetic ornaments.

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  4. Hey, cat approved is really all that matters really. Your French knots are better than mine.

  5. I totally hate french knots. Besides, you own a cat…you don’t decorate down near the floor where all the decorates can be swiped at.

    • You know, no matter how many times I go through this with crafting and my cats, I never seem to learn my lesson. I’d rather play with them than make french knots anyway.

  6. That was a seriously ambitious project. I admire your for trying it.

  7. Yeah, french knots with embroidery thread are hard enough. I bought a bunch of felt and floss a while ago to do projects with and then I came to the realization that I am terrible at sewing neatly. Your tired sewing is like my best neatest sewing.

  8. Good effort shown 🙂 Embroidery can suck – it’s not you. But, cats appreciate the catnip-filled holidays, too. . . just don’t hang it from the tree. . . that would not go over well. . .

    • Oh my gosh I know! I already have a hard enough time keeping my cats away from the tree every year – could you imagine what would happen if I was just like “Let’s put some catnip on here!” Although it’s making me chuckle now, I know it would be a disaster. 😉

  9. You are hysterical! I was trying to find the source of some of my views (Etsy) and found you here. You really made me lol. I am a rather older lady who tinkers on Etsy for fun and reading some things here has been fun. Thanks. P.S. As I said I am from a lesser technical time — what does [….} mean?

    • Oh I’m so glad you came on over here! I love your ornaments! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you have read here! I generally abuse the “…” to the extreme, but it’s usually a trailing off thought or pause. Pinterest lovers and crafters, unite!

  10. P.S. I am also a hopeless Pinerest addict.

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