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Origami Holiday Dinosaur? Sure.


Okay, so this is the first time I’ve ever done this, but I’m going to live blog this post right now.  I started off wanting to make this ornament for the holiday challenge that Allyssa blogged on Monday:


The one that looks like an origami stegosaurus, but as it turns out, it’s made of porcelain, and I am just not crafty enough to sculpt a small dinosaur to look like it was folded out of paper.  Yeah right.  However, it has inspired me to make a whole bunch of origami dinosaurs, and decorate my Christmas tree slash entire apartment with only dinosaur decorations.

So I googled, origami dinosaur and am going to start with this ferocious guy:


Oh and just a side note:  I obviously do not have any origami paper in my apartment, nor do I have a ruler, so I’m just using a big square of regular paper.  And by square I mean I cut it to look sort of square.  So ok- off to a good start already!  I’m not going to give the entire play-by-play, feel free to check the link above if you want to make your own, but here are some intense action shots:



TA-DAAAAA!  Well there you have it, Holiday Dinosaur decoration!  I can’t even believe it worked.  What’s not politically correct about that!?  Fun for everyone!  But really, it looks like a chicken, no?  I just need to find a way to hang it up.  I think this might actually be one of those year-round type of decorations.


2 thoughts on “Origami Holiday Dinosaur? Sure.

  1. I’m really enjoying these pictures.

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