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Survival tips for a stressful day.

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Ugh! Today has definitely been one of those days, and I know you all know exactly what kind of day I’m talking about. There has just been so much stuff going on and so many appointment and meetings and things to do that the next thing you know it’s 6:40pm, you were super busy running around at work but didn’t actually finish a single project, went to the gym but didn’t even work up a sweat because you were too distracted to really put any effort into your work out, and still need to write a blog post, take a shower, and go to the grocery store because you somehow are all out of the groceries that you just bought on Sunday.

Not that I’m complaining.

So anyway, I’ve decided to share a few helpful hints that kept me from just running away home and locking the door today. Hopefully they will help someone else who’s having a stressful day.

1) Take a walk. Seriously, this is my number one tip, even if it’s just to the bathroom or the water fountain. When I’m at work and I’m focusing on something either really detail oriented, or am dealing with a stressful person or situation, it is the most helpful thing for me to just get away for a minute. I don’t mean lock yourself in the bathroom until the problem goes away (or more likely- gets worse) but just take a couple of minutes to put this into the context of everything that is going right, or all of the times that you aren’t so busy, which is easier from a bit of distance.

2) Drink coffee. Or tea, or whatever your warm beverage of choice is. This is great because #1 you will get to take a walk to the nearest source of hot liquid. #2 warm drinks are so calming when you’re stressed. Personally, I am both a coffee and a tea drinker, but there is something far more soothing about tea to me and I keep a box of green tea in my desk drawer for this very reason. Coffee in a stressful situation tends to just make me more jittery and makes me feel like I can’t focus.

3) Have a work friend. I think that it is so important to have someone at work, ideally in the same role or at the same level who you can go and commiserate with when things feel nuts, or when you want to ask the same question for the millionth time. I don’t know what I would do without mine.

4) Go to the gym. Even if, like my workout, you don’t even break a sweat or feel sore at all, working out is a great chance to clear your head. Even though I don’t think I accomplished much as far as working out, zoning out on the treadmill did allow me to get the rest of my evening in order, come up with an idea for this blog post, and even plan out the first part of my day tomorrow. So, not productive in the traditional sense, but still something. This doesn’t even have to be a gym related activity, maybe you like to zone out with a ball of yarn knitting, sketching, playing with your pets, or cooking in the kitchen. Whatever you can do to get your mind off of the chaos .

5) Take a long, hot, shower. Also will help you to zone out and prioritize, plus it will feel awesome and you’ll be all clean. I think this also goes along with the hot drink idea. There is something calming about hot water.

So there you have it. All of the things that I am doing today to try and survive. Now I can check one more thing off of this crazy list. What do you guys find helpful when things are going nuts?


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