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A Thanksgiving Memory

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Where has this year gone? Time sure is flying by, and I am feeling old as hell. I’m approaching the point where I’m going to have a quarter life crisis. Or maybe I’ve been having an ongoing one since I graduated college. But that’s besides the point. Since Thanksgiving will be over and done with by the time I write my next post, I thought I’d share one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories, because I’m not nostalgic or anything….

My grandparents lived in a retirement community down towards the Jersey Shore my entire childhood. A bunch of their life-long friends lived there too. We would often go there for the holidays, and their friends would always be around now and then to celebrate with us. The Thanksgiving before my grandfather passed away was one of my favorites. Almost every single member in our family (in total there were my two grandparents, my dad and his three siblings plus spouses, and six of seven cousins) were together. It was rare for all of us to be together, with some family members living out of state. Being the second youngest, and only 10 at the time, I was thrilled to be with all my family. I love when we’re all together; I love the stories of my dad and his siblings growing up, and learning about the massive extended family we have, and of course, I love the goofiness and hilarity that ensues when we’re all together. That was the last holiday spent in that house. It was great being with all the people my grandparents were friends with, and being young enough to not deal with adult conversations and enjoy the innocence of being a kid and enjoying that time of year with family. I remember dinner at the kids’ table, right next to the adult table and laughing at my cousins joking around. I remember watching TV and jumping on my grandparents’ massive bed while watching “Annie” with my sister and cousin. I remember family friends filing in one after the other for dessert. I remember as each car left, running to the back sunroom and flashing the lights as they drove by on the other side on the treeline honking their horn. I remember my cousin cutting pumpkin pie, dropping it in the whipped cream, asking “would you like whipped cream with that?” and nearly dying of laughter. I remember hearing the Prince of Stealth story (sorry, family inside joke) and also nearly dying of laughter…I still do when we talk about it to this day.

I love my family and am grateful that we still get to see each other, even if it’s not all that often anymore. I’ll be seeing some of them for Thanksgiving this year, but I really can’t wait until our family Christmas-after-Christmas get together in January. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. Happy Thanksgiving!


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