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Pumpkin Cookies!

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So, to follow up on Amanda’s post yesterday about being healthy around the holidays, here you have a nice sugary cookie recipe. Maybe we can use her tips and just have one or two cookies? It hasn’t worked for me the past two days since I made these on Sunday evening and as of Tuesday they were basically gone. I just can’t help it, these are my favorite fall cookie recipe and it’s becoming a tradition for me to make them each year. Now, after eating all of these, I’m heading home tonight to continue indulging in delicious food that my parents are cooking for the rest of the weekend, and I don’t even really feel bad because I never cook such wonderful things for myself here. So, I’m going to try to control myself, but probably will go eat the rest of the plate of cookies that I have and just carry on until Sunday when I will, most like, have to purchase an additional seat on my flight home to fit my enormous self into a tiny airplane for the journey back to Philly.
Here is there recipe that I used, and some pictures (no selfies this time, sorry!)

A few notes on the recipe- I think that the walnuts and raisins are optional. I did put walnuts in the batch, and have never used raisins. Chocolate chips are also great. I also did not make my own icing (fail) but the store bought kind works just as well, it’s just a bit thicker I think, although the orange and rum flavor that she suggests might be cool. Next time I’ll try that if I’m feeling more ambitious.

Image ImageImageImageImage


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