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Holiday Traditions

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Up until about 4 years ago it was much easier for me to talk about holiday traditions because we would do the same thing every Christmas.  We would wake up early Christmas morning, my family and I would enjoy a nice slow morning together exchanging gifts and eating baked eggs and french toast until we packed up and headed over to New Hampshire for a big family Christmas with my mom’s family.

In 2010 my parents decided to start a new tradition by taking a trip together instead of exchanging lots of gifts.  So, off we went to Mexico.  It was an awesome trip, and amazing to be out of the cold Vermont snow for a week, but celebrating Christmas by the pool at a hotel was a bit bizarre.  Sadly, I can only find one photo from this trip, but it was definitely non-traditional, and the most tan I’ve ever been in December.


Fast forward two years, I’m in London still and can’t come back to the US.  Rather than spend Christmas apart, my whole family came to London to celebrate with me, which was actually the best gift ever!  I think that because they don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK, Christmas is like their big family holiday, so they start preparing in October.  It’s really festive and magical and I would love to have another Christmas in London someday.

Here are some photos from that trip:


Basically what I’ve realized is that, lately, as we get older,  the only tradition that seems to be sticking is that we still do our best to be together, no matter where that may be.


One thought on “Holiday Traditions

  1. Being together is the best tradition to carry on! I moved to Florida when I was 17, my first Christmas wearing shorts and flipflops was very bizarre to say the least. We’ve gotten used to it 30 some years later 😉

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