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Oh Christmas Tree


So last week I wrote about decorating the house for the holiday season, which is a tradition in itself here. We don’t have a ton of other traditions, but one thing I’ve always enjoyed and might want to continue when I’m older with my own family is how we decorate our Christmas tree. We have regular ornaments, sure, but my mom always made sure to document our family trips and significant events by buying keychains and other trinkets that we could hang on the tree. Everywhere we would go growing up, if it was a family vacation to the aquarium, or down the shore, or going to some tourist attraction somewhere, we always stopped at the gift shop to pick up a keychain. That keychain would become a memory for our tree. Other special things in our lives, like special years my sister and I would have horse showing, my mom would always find some kind of equine-related ornament and date them to commemorate what we did. I always thought this was a great idea, because some of the ornaments are individual for each of us, and we can take them when we have our own trees to decorate. I think it makes our tree more special and personal. It may not be the most conventional and beautiful way to decorate, but it’s special to my family, and brings back a lot of good memories.


2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. I love that idea! My parents always gave my sister and I an ornament each year so that when we had our own trees we would already have something to decorate it with. I love the idea of making it something personal to remember each year!

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