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Ornament Obsessions


Christmas mode is rapidly gaining speed over here at Big Al’s house. Since my lost post, la mia madre has decorated the entire house, and we have finally put up our rather large Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is up, and now the beauty of the season is here.

I’m buying gifts for those that I love and that makes me happy.

We had some snow last night and that makes me happy, because it’s pristine and beautiful. Until I have to drive in it, that is.

The first musical read-through is this week, which means I know exciting times are ahead.

See, this time of year is all about happiness and wonder.

So today I’m sharing pictures of our Christmas tree, which makes me more delighted than words can say, and the Christmas tree that I had in my apartment, which was very, very different, and also made me very happy. You’ll be able to see the differences immediately.

Here’s Mama Big Al’s tree. She meticulously plots where each ornament will go.


And I took a lot of pictures of the ornaments because I’m obsessed with them. They are just so classic and antique looking.

And because I just got a new phone, I had to play with the camera filters. So here’s some of that.

So that’s my mom’s tree. And then there’s my short, fake, glitter bomb tree, complete with cat ornaments and cats slumbering under the tree (or in Licorice’s case, being a robotic demon under the tree).

So that’s it. Those are the trees of my life. One glittery and one classy. They’re beautiful, but sometimes I envy trees like Rachel’s because the ornaments have more memories tied to them. I have some friends who have entire trees dedicated to pre-school ornaments, or Disney ornaments, or old fashioned, kitschy ornaments. I want those too. I want them all.

I guess what I’m saying is that I really love ornaments and Christmas trees. So one day, I’ll probably have 5 different Christmas trees in my future house (you know, the massive animal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere), each dedicated to a certain style. That way, I can have it all.

The theatre tree. 

The Disney tree. And yes, I would like to have one tree for characters, and a separate tree for the ear ornaments.

A literary tree, like some of the ornaments and ideas featured here and here. Check out the Harry Potter tree! that’s a definite yes! And also a definite NO WAY to the Twilight trees. Yikes.

A purple tree. Because purple is my favorite color and I believe it is the best color.

A dinosaur tree. Because dinosaurs are amazing and so are all of the ornaments that are linked in this sentence.

My glitter tree and of course the tree inspired by my mom’s classic style.

Yup. Gotta have it all. Anybody else have a particular decorating style? Or decoration envy?


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

3 thoughts on “Ornament Obsessions

  1. Today a coworker walked up to me out of the blue and said “Lor, [he calls me Lor, even though we barely know each other] I am so stressed. I have 5 trees to decorate and it’s a fucking mess.”

    I hope your future tree house isn’t such a strain on your life. I also hope that your Christmas tree house is a literal tree house. I also hope you let me have a tree since I have never had one before.

  2. I like your trees! I’ll just keep looking at your pictures since ours won’t be going up until at least next weekend 😦

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