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Sick Day

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I was going to write a really whiney post about how crappy I’ve been feeling,  the idea of writing my own obituary even crossed my mind.  At the end of the day though it didn’t come across as funny at all, just annoying and morbid.  Instead I’m going to share all of the very kind advice that people have given me to overcome my recent 1) hangover 2) sinus infection, all mixed together- you’d be surprised how much of this advice applies to both ailments:

1) Take a hot shower

2) Drink hot tea/soup

4) Go to sleep early

5) Take some medicine that will help you sleep/ knock you out

6) Prop up your head on a bunch of pillows

7) Drink juice

8) Avoid dairy

9) Take decongestants every 4 hours

10) Eat something spicy

11) Drink coconut water/gatorade

12) Eat fruit

13) Take your vitamins

14) Put on some socks

15) Eat crackers

16) Keep track of what different kinds of alcohol you’ve had

17) Stop whining

18) Wear warm boots

19) Use nasal irrigation system

20) Don’t take antihistamines

21) Stay away from me

22) Go to the doctor, like right now

23) and when all else fails, take advice from a cough drop:


So thank you everyone for your kind words and advice.  A few more juices and decongestants and I think I’ll be back to normal!


One thought on “Sick Day

  1. You forgot the part about wrapping yourself in a blanket and moaning. Also, snuggling with Amanda’s stuffed bunny!

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