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Well this post is going to be a bunch of nonsense. For a variety of reasons, I didn’t even realize it was Friday and my day to blog. I’ve really lost all sense of time since my surgery since I can’t do anything and am in an odd state of exhaustion, though I’m sure the meds I’m on aren’t quite helping the situation. I can’t think entirely straight (when can I ever, really) so I’m not sure that I have much to say. Poor planning on my part…I should have attempted to figure out what I would write at the beginning of the week like I did last week. My days have been boring since all I do is lay on the couch and walk laps around the house. Though if you want to know anything that’s going on in the world of baseball, literally anything, I can tell you about it. All I do is watch the MLB Network. I’ve decided that I want to hang out with the hosts of Hot Stove from now until forever and discuss all things baseball related. I’ve watched quite a few press conferences, heard about all the deals going down at all the meetings lately, laughed at the banter between Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds, been jealous of Lauren Shehadi because I want her job, cried and shaken my fist at Robinson Cano (side note: if you follow me on Twitter, I apologize for my lengthy rant during his press conference on Thursday…I get a bit emotional.) Overall, I’ve realized how I’d love to have a career somehow related to Major League Baseball, I’m just not sure how I can make that happen. Perhaps over-thinking it right now isn’t the best time, as I should wait until I have a clear, med-free mind. So in the mean time, until I’m feeling better enough to move, it just looks like the couch and I are going to continue to be best friends. Maybe next week I’ll be better prepared and have something semi-interesting. Apologies.

Harold and Matt, can't you see me laughing right there with you? Hire me please.

Harold and Matt, can’t you see me laughing right there with you? Hire me please.



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