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Yes, This is a Post About “Phil of the Future”


Once again, I didn’t have a blog post prepared for this week. Blame it on the holidays, or something. I tried to be inspired by the events of the past week of my life, but the most exciting things that I did were going to Atlantic City with my friends and going to the movies on Christmas with my family. While my trip to AC was a ton of fun, it was relatively uneventful. And American Hustle kind of just bored me. So I did the most logical thing I could think of, and I found a Blog Post Idea Generator. And I got the best blog prompt the world has ever seen:

You know what’s great about Phil of the Future?

Seriously, do you know? Because if your answer is anything other than “absolutely every damn thing” than we can’t be friends anymore.

“Phil of the Future” was a Disney Channel show that was on for two seasons, from 2004-2006. Was I too old to be watching this show? Perhaps. But that’s never stopped me before.

The show followed the Diffys, a family from the year 2121, as they get stranded while on a time travel vacation. They get stuck in 2004 in a town in California, and are forced to try to fit in and keep the fact that they are from the future a secret. Teenager Phil (Ricky Ullman) and his slightly psychotic little sister Pim (Amy Bruckner) go to high school. Phil befriends a girl named Keely (Aly Michalka), the only one who knows the Diffys’ secret. There are also their parents, whose names are apparently Lloyd (Craig Anton) and Barb (Lise Simms). And, of course, there’s Curtis the Caveman (JP Manoux), because obviously a caveman would have stowed away on the family’s time machine when they were in the Stone Age.

This show is absurd. There are basically none of the classic time travel rules or apparent consequences of their time travel. And it’s amazing. Let me list the reasons why:

  • Pim should probably be institutionalized, but no one seems to take her delusions of grandeur seriously. She’s a 12 year old who dreams of taking over the world. Seriously, this girl is deranged.
  • Keely and Phil’s relationship is pretty stinking cute. Of course by the end they admit they have feelings for each other.
  • People from the future don’t have pinky toes, and Phil gets made fun of when his class has to mush tomatoes with their feet? I have no idea.
  • The family seems to have brought all of their future gadgets with them while on vacation. My personal favorite is the virtual goggles. Keely uses these to go on a date with a hot virtual guy.
  • Speaking of hot guys….Raviv “Ricky” Ullman? Probably the hottest Disney Channel star ever. And that’s not creepy because he’s older than me and still really hot:

  • The kids’ principal is the only one that seems to notice the Diffys are weird, and he thinks they are aliens. Apparently the same actor plays him as the caveman, which I never realized before.
  •  Pim’s arch rival Debbie, who actually considers Pim to be her friend. This is just another reason that Pim is insane. Debbie is a nice girl who likes Pim, and Pim tries to destroy her…which they eventually do because it turns out that Debbie is a cyborg or something. I can’t make this stuff up.
  • The Diffys eventually fix the time machine and go back to the future, leaving Keely behind. That’s some Shakespearean tragedy shit right there.
  • And, finally, the theme song. If you have been singing “Phil, phil of the future! He’s a 22nd century man!” this entire time, then you get me.

I haven’t watched this show in a really long time, and the Wikipedia page definitely helped me remember the characters’ names and other specifics, but I actually did remember most of this off the top of my head. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not. But it’s…something.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

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