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Well, today is the last Friday of 2013. I’m glad this year went by as fast as it did. While it had it’s great moments, overall it wasn’t a great one for me and I’m ready for 2014. As I was thinking about how glad I am for everything that’s happened this year to be behind me, it really does feel like for once, I’m starting the new year with a fresh slate. I’ve never been one for resolutions every new year, but I thought that I should make them for 2014 and do my best to keep them…my life kind of depends on them so keeping them really has to happen. With that, here they are.


1. Get a job.

At this point in my life, I need a full time job. I know I’ve said it in multiple posts before, but it really needs to happen. I’m not going to get anywhere in life without one. For me, I don’t really have a dream job; as I look, I apply to what peaks my interest and what I might qualify for. Unfortunately, so many things out there require certain background experience or a major that I don’t have, so I’ve been at a disadvantage in that regard. But at this point, I need to get past seeing that as a roadblock and do everything in my power to gain employment. I know it doesn’t have to be my forever job, or something that I’m totally in love with (though I would like to enjoy it to some degree), so really, if anyone out there is reading this, help a girl out?

2. Save money. 

Of course, to save money, one needs to earn money. So, yes, having a job would mean I would be able to do this, at least on a more consistent basis and not on the “oh-I-pet-sat-this-week-and-earned-a-few-bucks” mentality. Maybe then I can not feel so on edge about paying my credit card bills and looking at my school loans that are slowly killing me. And being as young as I am, I don’t think about so far ahead in my future as retirement (hell, retirement? That requires a job to retire from….) I do know that I’ll need a 401k plan. I do know that should I every decide to marry and have a family that I’ll need to be able to live a life and support them. I want to feel more than prepared for my future, and unfortunately life revolves around money, so I need more than enough to be ready for that unknown and unpredictable part of my life. Why not start saving now if I can?

3. Move out of my parents’ house.

I realize that this also solely relies on resolution number one being fulfilled, but my hope is that I can get an apartment of some sort on my own. While I don’t always get along with my parents and have disagreements and whatnot with them, I one hundred percent appreciate having them be there for me since graduating college. I’ve been lucky that they haven’t charged me rent of any kind (I know people who’ve had parents do this). I’ve always had food when I wanted it and never had to worry about what’s for dinner or buying groceries, even though I could on my own. I know that if and when I have my own place, my parents will always be there if I need anything, but having the freedom to be on my own for real will make me feel like a real adult, as scary as it is to admit that. Assuming that I’d be working somewhere in New Jersey or New York City, those seem like the two locations that are ideal for living, whether they be with or without a roommate.

4. Get fit.

This year, I’m going to do it. The back surgery is done and I should be recovered enough in a month or two to get back to the gym, slowly of course. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I work out and am active enough, but in dealing what I’ve gone through, these past few months especially, I’ve decided that I want to utilize the resources I have. I want to take what I will learn from my doctors and physical therapy and apply them to my daily routine to keep myself sharp. I want to use the people at the gym to help me learn the right ways of exercising properly and take some classes. I want to get outside and run with my friends, whether it be at the park or on the trails or at a fun run. I’m young and have the ability to take care of myself and get on a routine that will make me want to continue this as I get older. I’ve really come to think that the more you help yourself stay in shape, you’ll be able to enjoy life more.

5. Eat healthy.

I talked about this a bit in previous posts about getting ready for life directly post surgery. I’m unhappy to report that I haven’t exactly done what I planned. But in thinking about these resolutions, I thought that it went well with number four. And of course, should I be out on my own, I’ll really have to think about what I’m eating instead of having what’s already available to me in my parents’ house. Besides, if I plan on getting fit, I don’t want to worry about counteracting that with what I’m consuming every day. I really want to see a difference and feel a change. The two go hand in hand, so this is the time.

6. Have fun.

Whether I’ve stated it out loud to myself or not, I know that I want to enjoy life. I don’t see myself as spoiled; I consider myself extremely blessed and lucky to have been able to live the life I have thus far, and I am so appreciative of my parents and others in my life that have given me the opportunities that I’ve had. I’ve been able to ride horses for fun and sport, I’ve gone on vacations, been to concerts, traveled, done things with friends…all the things that people should be able to do. You don’t realize it until after the fact that everything you’ve done has made an impact on your life for the better, whether they are the big things or the little moments. When I look back at what I’ve been able to do, I find myself wishing and wanting to do them again. I want to travel and go on vacation, go to more concerts, go out to dinner with my friends…but it all goes back to the money thing, right? At some point, you need to look past that and give yourself a few things to splurge on. Really, it can make all the difference. I’m going to let myself sign up for The Color Run with my friends over the summer because I have a blast doing it. If it can be pulled off, why not spend a week down the shore with a group of people I rarely see when all we ever do is have so much fun when we’re all together? (Seriously, it would be so fun, but we need to pull strings to make it happen guys…hup hup!) I know things will come along throughout the year, but it’s those moments that make life great and we’ll look back on with great memories. I want to enjoy every minute of my life right now.


After a year that I found hard on me, I’m telling myself now that 2014 is going to be one that I’ll enjoy. I’m going to do everything in my power to make it that way. I don’t want to live my life thinking about what I could or should be doing when I can be embracing the moments that come along as they do. So here’s to the new year!


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