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Big Al’s 13 of 2013


I guess the appropriate thing to do today would be to write a list of New Year’s resolutions, as 2013 is on its way out, and 2014 is knocking on the door.

But I won’t. Because I don’t have any. That’s a shame. My goals are the same every year. Get a job. Be healthy. Be happy. Be a good friend. Every year. The debate continues as to whether or not I’ll ever succeed at any of these, but I’m trying. So instead I’m going to write something simpler because the Sinus Congestion Struggle is real, y’all. Really real. And nothing very intellectual is happening in my brain.

Top 13 of 2013!

Top what, you ask? Top Music? Top Photos? Movies? Cats? No, just… the best of the best. Some of the best things that happened in 2013, in no particular order.

Isn't he presh?! Photo creds to his foster family on Facebook.

Isn’t he presh?! Photo creds to his foster family on Facebook.

Top Cat That I Don’t Own. This pirate kitten. Sir Stuffington was rescued, and then taken in by two really amazing foster parents after he was attacked and left with a permanent “Argggghh!” snarl and without an eye. He makes my top list because he’s just so cute, and I frequently check out his Facebook page when I need a smile. Aka all day, every day. There are also a bunch of other sweet pets featured on the page, all of which are also being fostered. Too much cute on one page.

Top ‘I’ve Been Waiting for This for Forever’ Moment. Big Fish. I’ve already talked about it. But it closed yesterday so, I have a lot of feelings. One of my top moments of the year was seeing this show, which had been a dream of mine since the Chicago pre-Broadway tryout was announced back when I was still in school. Feelings. Feelings.

Top Broadway Person to Fangirl Over. Lesli Margherita and Everything Lesli Margherita did. She was fierce as fierce can be when I saw her in Matilda over the summer. I thought she was hysterical. Then I started following her on Twitter. Then I started watching her Looks Not Blooks Vlog on Broadway.com. I peed my pants. A few times. From laughing. Sorry. Lesli didn’t just show people the backstage world of theatre, but she also made some really clever skits, like her Chamber of Secret video. I can’t stop snaughling when I watch these. Yes, I’m pretty and attractive, I snort-laugh. Queen Lesli is my spirit animal.

Top Show Revival. Arrested Development, duh. Obviously this category title was carefully crafted for this answer. It came back! Finally! The Bluths are back and as dysfunctional as ever. Actually, they’ve gotten worse. This show also makes me snaugh, especially during the Tobias and Gob episodes. I’m actually watching the last three episodes right now, because I never quite finished watching it back when it came out and my friend just added me to his Netflix account so, yay!

The pool, mountains, and clear skies of Palm Desert.

The pool, mountains, and clear skies of Palm Desert.

Top Vacay Location. Palm Desert, California. The weather is perfection at 106 degrees with absolutely zero humidity. The skies are as blue as can be, and the mountain view is calming and reenergizing while still being breathtaking, according to this suburban girl. And I stayed at La Quinta Resort with one of my closest friends, so it doesn’t get much better than that.

Top Healthy Fun Activity. The Color Run/Color Me Rad. No explanation necessary. It’s well worth the early wake up and small expense to sign-up. It’s so much fun, and it gets me off my butt and working out in a new way, even if just for a day. And my bros are there. Woohoo! We’re all already getting pumped for the next round in Summer 2014.

Top Food Pin. Pizza fondue! It was scrumptious. I made gluten free pizza bread sticks to go with the dip. 10/10, would make again. Pizza fondue was the perfect helper to get my friend and I get through all of Les Misérables on DVD. That was a long one. She and I ate a lot of this dip.

Best Cats. Obviously mine. Look at how cute they are sleeping super close to each other. Honestly, they love each other and really don’t want to admit it. Well, here’s some proof. And yes, I know that the pillow embroidered with my name on it is the cutest thing ever. I know.


Buttercup. Image from http://www.slothsanctuary.com/


The Year of the Sloths. Ok, so my obsession technically started in 2012 when Animal Planet aired a special episode of Too Cute! all about sloths. But really, 2013 was the year of the sloths. They even got their own show on Animal Planet! I just love them. I mean, look at this BA princess, Buttercup, and tell me you aren’t totally in love/obsession with her. Also, my students and friends all caught on to my obsession and made every day a slothy-fun day with pictures and GIFs galore.

Top Trend I Want to Partake in But I’m Probably Too Old For This Ish. Onesies. Onesies everywhere. My students and cousins and teens everywhere wear animal hoodie onesies, leopard print onesies, onesies with hearts on them, etc. I almost made a Where The Wild Things Are onesie but it would have cost something like $80 to make sans coupons and sales. Also, it probably just looks wrong on an adult (even though I look like I’m 16). Like one of those baby fetisher people you see on TLC who are 30 years old and still wear diapers. I’m not one of those, by the way. I just like cute, kitschy, and comfy loungewear.

Top App Download. Quizup. Yup. I’m one of those. I love Quizup. It’s fun to play with my bros, but I also play with my younger cousins. I’m really good at the “Name That Food/Candy/Cat” type categories. I’m so sassy. It’s a great boredom buster, but trivia is also good for the brain. Sorry, Candy Crush, I have a new master.

Best Show That I Finally Got Into. American Horror Story. Oh man. I mean, I’m kind of, definitely a wimp and I don’t like scary or upsetting things. But this? AHS: Coven is gold. The cast is fierce, Jessica Lange is a boss, Patti LuPone is revived and amazing because she’s the queen, the story line is twisted, it’s scary without being needlessly gory or vulgar, and I’m on the edge of my seat every time I watch it. I’m lying. I watch it in bed, under the covers, usually on Facetime. But close enough! Long live the fierceness of AHS! And no, don’t ask me to watch the other seasons. I’ll probably cry.

This blog! Happy New Year, bros! I’m glad that we finally started Honesty Time. It gives us the chance to keep in touch in a new way and share interesting things we normally wouldn’t talk about while sending each other pictures of Minions over group chat. Here’s to a happy 2014, Honesty Timers!


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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  1. If you get a onesie, I’ll get a onesie. We should all get onesies.

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