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So, here we are one week in to 2014.  How’s it treating everyone so far?  I know that last week I said that I wasn’t really one for New Year’s resolutions, but that hasn’t stopped Kunaal and I for making some for each other over the past week.  Over the past week whenever one of us was irritating the other, we would kindly suggest, “Maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to stop (insert annoying activity)?”  Nice right?  And not passive-agressive at all.  But really it’s just for fun.

One suggestion though that has stuck with me has been to start eating meat again in 2014.  As you all know, I’ve stuck to a mostly vegetarian diet since before any of us met, with the semi-recent re-addition of fish.  I have been considering this for a while- every year when my doctor tells me that my iron is low, and I’m never able to donate at blood drives, and I’m sick of only being able to choose between salmon and mushrooms when I go out to eat.

So, over the past week I’ve been thinking about IF I decide to pursue this, how I would go about it exactly, so I’ve been re-evaluating all of the reasons that I’ve suck to this diet for so long in the first place.

The first reason that comes to mind is emotional.  I know a lot of people who eat meat very regularly, but only because they are able to separate what they are eating from the live animal that it comes from.  I understand the food chain, and I know that people evolved to eat meat.  I understand all of the arguments, the thing that really gets me though is, if I treat my dog as an extension of my human family, what separates him from chickens and pigs and cows?  Couldn’t they just as easily have the feelings and personality that I’m sure my dog has?

SO, I’ve decided that if I do start eating meat, I want to do it both healthfully and sustainably.  I have seen many articles about the detrimental effects of the meat industry on our health and environment.  In addition to making sure that the meat I’m eating has not been raised with the sole purpose of becoming my dinner, I want it to have a nice life.  I also want to be sure that I am not causing any additional environmental damage.  I know that it is more expensive to buy grass feed, organic meat, and I’m still researching what are the most sustainable and feasible options, but that is why I would only hope to introduce meat to a few meals per week.  I really have had great success on a vegetarian diet (despite my family teasing me for having scrawny arms and fingers) and I could see myself continuing on this diet for many more years.  Right now I’m just exploring different options.

As I’m writing this, I realize that I actually have a lot more to say on this topic.  But perhaps I will continue it another time, and I will keep you updated on my research and progress.  Here is one interesting link if anyone is interested in sustainable eating in general:


I know that some you of you guys have also made drastic diet changes for health reasons, does anyone have any suggestions in making a change like this?  Or suggestions for a first meat meal, if I decide to give it another try?


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