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Spiraling Down the Netflix Hole


My recent Netflix acquisition has really put me in an interesting place. A place where I’m up until 3am almost every night because why not? Right? Oops. 

Kind of like falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, where you just keep clicking the recommended videos, one after another, after another, after another, I can’t stop adding Netflix movies to my list when they suggest movies based on what you just clicked on. It’s pretty crazy. 

So what are my most recently watched items on Netflix?

Lars_real_girlLars and the Real Girl. This is only on Netflix for a few more days, if even. I had heard people mention this movie over and over in the past, but I didn’t know much about it. Well, good job Ryan Gosling on playing someone who makes me sad and, frankly, a little creeped out. I was so touched to see an entire town come together to support Lars and help him, when I know that in real life, or any other town, he would immediately become an outcast, locked away in a mental institution. While the whole concept was weird to imagine, the outcome was touching and I kind of can’t believe I’m about to admit that I teared up a little bit at the end of the movie (no spoilers but really. Wah).

Blackfish. All of the cool people are doing it. Yeah, we’re all watching Blackfish and hating on SeaWorld. Sorry, SeaWorld, but I now see what the hype is about. Honestly, as a child, I never wanted to go to SeaWorld anyway. I’m glad I never went. Those poor creatures. Blackfish helps to reminds us, as humans, that we never know what is going on in the mind of those in the animal kingdom, and that we are not truly in charge of these creatures we call amusements, or even pets.

The Office. Seriously. I’ve never watched this show from beginning to end before. I’ve only seen a few odd episodes here and there. And my sophomore year, my neighbor always watched The Office, and the walls were really too thin, so the theme song became ingrained in my mind and I kind of hated it. I still cringe a little during the opening credits, but the show is funny and easy to watch, totally mindless, which I need on some days, so I appreciate it now. I really did not get into the first season, to be honest, but the second season was immediately funnier and held my attention much more than the first few episodes of the series. I’m almost done with the second season, so I still have a lot to get through. 


The Lorax. I just love this movie so much. I love Dr. Seuss. I love trees. I love cute little animals. I love animated movies because I am a big baby. My Netflix is always like “Top Picks for Allyssa, the Cat Lady (yes, that’s what my account name is, special shout out of thanks to my friend): Animated Family Features with Talking Animals” and I’m like “I don’t hate it.” I don’t have too much to say about this movie, actually, because it’s gosh darn Dr. Seuss, people! Also, Betty White voices one of the characters, so, automatic A+ in my book just for her. Don’t worry, Taylor Swift’s character isn’t in the film all that much, so it’s all good. I hope I teach little kids one day because every year for their science and environment studies, I’ll play this movie. Also, Betty White.

The Guilt Trip. I wasn’t really sure how Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand could be in a movie together, but it works. I kind of felt like I was watching a movie that starred an exaggerated version of my mom. Only slightly exaggerated though. The fact that this mom was so much like my own made me laugh, but also made me a little stressed out. I totally related to Seth Rogan’s character sometimes. I know how those crazy moms can just go on and on. I know. I know. Those moms can be frustrating, but they are always doing everything in the best interest of their little child. And we’ll always be the little child, no matter how old we get. Nice, easy watch, which will probably make you want to call your mom when it’s over. 

The Kids Are All Right. You know what? Don’t watch this with anyone young. Just. So much unnecessary sex. So. Don’t. Now that that’s out of the way, I don’t know what I was expecting this movie to be, but it wasn’t anything I thought. Honestly, I never even finished watching it. I really thought the movie would be more focused on the kids, as the title implies, but it’s not.Why cast Josh Hutcherson and Mia Wasikowska if you aren’t going to use their talents? Instead, it’s mostly about the adults lying and hating each other and (spoiler) the moms hating each other and all of the cheating. Everyone was self-absorbed and therefore I hated all of them. It’s not up my alley. This is not to say that the acting wasn’t good or anything. It’s just not for me. The detestable characters made it not worth my time. Maybe I should finish watching it and see if my faith is restored in any of them, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Wish_Upon_a_StarWish Upon a Star. Arguably one of Katherine Heigl’s best roles, ever, and I mean ever, this classic “Disney Channel Movie” (not technically a Disney Original but it was aired on Disney and all of that) was totally my whole childhood. I watched it every time that it was on TV. Totally different sisters Alexia and Hayley both wish to be each other and hilarity ensues as their lives are turned upside down when they switch bodies. This is so different from any movie Disney would ever air today. They talk about sex. Oh em gee, that is so not up Modern Disney Channel’s alley. There’s no wholesome singing and dancing, no totally contrived  froo-froo plots, no wizards or teenage witches, none of that. It’s perfection, only to be rivaled by Zenon, of course. Speaking of old, not-so-Disney Disney movies, anyone know where I can watch Susie Q? That was also a good one.

I currently have about 150 other things on my “To watch” list so my Netflix spiral isn’t ending anytime soon. I have added indie movies, classic movies I’ve never seen, trashy reality shows, 30 Rock (I’ve never seen it don’t kill me it’s true), fashion documentaries, all of those food documentaries, and so many more.

I also have an Amazon Prime account so I have Downton Abbey and Suits on my list over there.

Anybody have some more recommendations? 


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

6 thoughts on “Spiraling Down the Netflix Hole

  1. “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony”. That is all.

  2. Blackfish was an amazing watch. Had to conform by joining the bandwagon of cool kids, and give in the to the hype. Cannot say I regret doing so…

  3. Up to about season 5-6 of The Office are my favorite things ever. They are some of the funniest tv moments. And we were obsessed with Wish Upon A Star in this household. The day I found out that was Katherine Heigl…mind was blown.

    • I know, once I connected Wish Upon a Star Katherine Hiegl to the Katherine Heigl we all know, I was like “Well damn.” and also now firmly believe that 27 Dresses is NOT her best work. It’s a close second.

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