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A Grown-up Snow Day

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Hello friends!  So, if last week was crazy busy, this week has been the complete opposite.  With the holiday on Monday, the office closing early yesterday, and a snow day today, I’ve had more than enough time to stay on top of everything, and even got around to a few of those random things that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks.

Here’s what my first grown-up snow day looked like:


This was yesterday afternoon around 2pm after I got home from work early, it pretty much snowed like this until early this morning.




Last night at 6:30 I still decided to venture out to the gym for a yoga class, because I’m hard core.  But really, it’s just around the corner.  And I saw a lady cross-country skiing down the road (and seriously regret not taking a picture of that) but it was worth almost falling down the stairs just for that sighting.




At around 10:30 last night I got a text from my boss that the office was closed today.  Everyone knows that the best kind of snow day is the kind that comes the night before.



After being seriously lazy all morning, I ventured out around 12 for some bagels, it’s cold and windy enough that it still sort of feels like it’s snowing, except the sun is shining.





This is a really good bagel place that’s just around the corner from us, and if you come visit me, I will take you there for bagel sandwiches.  It was surprisingly busy for the middle of the week, so I watched the guy take the bagels out of the wood oven for a while.


After our bagel picnic at home lunch I finally got around to my least favorite chore – dusting.  Boring.  Makes me sneezy.  Not fun.



Lots of french-press coffee all day, until we ran out of milk.  Also, I might be a hipster.


The best part of a snow day is the Sex and the City lunch marathon on E, which I’ve now been lucky enough to catch 2 days in a row.  It reminds me of that winter junior year where we had like 3 days off from classes in a row and watched like 3 seasons of SatC back-to-back-to-back, does anyone else remember this?




And finally, a bit of actual work.


I hope you guys all had a snow day today too, or whatever else you were doing!



One thought on “A Grown-up Snow Day

  1. I remember those snow days. Everyone piled into our beds and we didn’t move for hours. We probably took group naps too. Oh, college. The only other time besides preschool where group napping is acceptable.

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