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The Great Garden State


I feel like every now and then, a surge of “New Jersey” posts make their rounds on social media. You know, those BuzzFeed ones, and pretty much every other one found on some kind of blog. It makes sense that for me, living in New Jersey, most of my social media “friends” are from here and probably feel the same way I do about it and therefore repost and repost and repost these blogs. Since I’ve seen a few lately, I thought I’d make one myself.

1. The Garden State

Most people who live elsewhere turn up their nose when they hear I’m from New Jersey. Whether or not they’ve actually visited this beautiful state, they clearly know what it looks like better than I do. All of New Jersey looks like this to the rest of the world.

When in reality, most of New Jersey looks like this:

It’s beautiful. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover…that cover being Newark, New Jersey that you probably flew into to get to New York City. Thanks for appreciating our state.

2. The Jersey Shore

It’s true, that stupid TV show has officially given us a bad name. Most people from New Jersey hate that guido type anyway. I don’t know anyone that lives a life at the shore like that. Those of us who appreciate the beauty of the Jersey Shore don’t need haters on our beaches. And the fact that it was able to recover from Hurricane Sandy shows just how strong we really are. It went

From this

From this

To this

To this

Pretty incredible. The Jersey Shore means a lot to us here, in more ways than one.

3. North/Central/South Jersey

Where you are from is a big deal. It’s how we relate to each other. The things we have in common.

Geography lesson

Geography lesson

4. Driving

We drive fast, we can’t stand anyone who drives slowly, we don’t have as much of a problem with jug handles as you do, and the traffic sucks. But that’s because there’s usually someone not from New Jersey causing it.

5.  Food

There is no where in the entire country that has better pizza, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches than we do. Our diners are open 24/7. Fresh produce and dairy can be found all over the state, heck, my backyard even. I live in farm country. There are about eight pizzerias in my town that I can go to and get legit, real pizza. I’ve heard it straight from my friends’ mouths who live across the country…there is no real pizza anywhere, and they have to stock up on taylor ham before they leave. I grew up with taylor ham, not pork roll. One of the great debates of our state. All this food talk is making me hungry.

There is nothing in the world that tastes as good as New Jersey pizza

There is nothing in the world that tastes as good as New Jersey pizza

I could go on and on about why New Jersey is the greatest state, but I’ll say this is enough. If you don’t know the real New Jersey at all, you need to experience it. And to those of you who know what I’m talking about here, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise about this great place. I was born and raised here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jersey strong!


13 thoughts on “The Great Garden State

  1. Love this. But is Ocean County really considered central Jerze? I always thought it was South. You taught me something new today, Rackster.

    Also…it’s pork roll.

    • I agree that Ocean County is south, at least to us Northerners up here but…

      It’s taylor ham. What the eff is pork roll? No. Sorry.

      • I believe that Taylor Ham is a brand and pork roll is the generic term. It’s a Kleenex/tissue and Band-aid/bandage situation. I think people from North Jersey call it Taylor ham and people from South Jersey call it pork roll. Rachel lives farther North than me, so that could be the discrepancy there.

        That could be total BS, but I think it’s accurate. At least I still root for the NY teams, unlike those true South Jersey weirdos rooting for Philly.

        • You know you’re in South Jersey/Waaaay down the shore when the news stations are Philly-based instead of NYC. Weird.

          • Lori, the map of the counties was the only one I found that seemed the most accurate. I personally consider Monmouth and Ocean counties as “south” because I have to get on the Parkway to get there and the Parkway has always been the first association of the shore for me. But your house can be the exception. And true about the Taylor Ham/pork roll thing. I think right in central Jersey is where it goes either way.

            Also, I have family from South Jersey near Philly that moved to the NJ/NY state line last year and they can’t stand the NYC news coverage. We have to stop all conversations when it gets to sports. They bring up the Phillies and Eagles when they are in Yankees and Giants territory…it’s unacceptable.

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  3. I’m born and bred in Jersey, many generations and thank you for not only a lovely post but one that is accurate

  4. I grew up in New Jersey, attended Rutger’s at New Brunswick and then married – a man from Delaware. You can’t tell me anything about being put down! Live now in northwestern OK – and most people out here know nothing – zilch, nada, zip about New Jersey. Will always be a Jersey girl at heart!

    • New Jersey’s the best! I enjoy educating people about the real NJ who know nothing about it…it’s better that they don’t have any preconceived ideas about it!

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