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Question Time


I was having some trouble finding inspiration for my post today, I feel like I’ve already talked a lot about food and the weather and the olympics, I mean, is there anything else really going on in the world ?  So, I turned to the internet for advice, “Google, what should I blog about today?”  The first answer that I came across was to answer a question, so I went to ask.yahoo.com and vowed to answer the first question that I came across, so here goes:

“Los Angeles or New York” – Which city would you live in if you were rich and could live anywhere in either city?

Hmmm, that’s a good question.

Ever since I was little and we used to go visit my aunt in New York City I have always wanted to live there.  It was such an exciting and different place to where I was growing up, and you could get food delivered straight to your house, AT ANYTIME.  Amazing!  I always looked forward to these adventures and would sometimes hope that my parents would decide to move there.  It’s partly what lead me to college in New Jersey, and it’s why I’m applying to grad school almost exclusively in NYC.  I’m not sure that I’ll want to stay forever if I ever do live there, but I definitely have always wanted to live there.

Ahh, very good.  But, why not LA?  To be honest, I’ve never been anywhere in California, which is something that I’m very eager to change, but have not had the chance to.  There is obviously more to LA than the Hollywood and Beverly Hills stereotypes that I imagine, and maybe if I went there I would change my mind.  The biggest difference is that it never crossed my mind until I started answering this question to consider moving to LA.  I’m sure I would like it very much, California seems cool, the weather is great, I might become best friends with lots of movie stars.  I just didn’t grow up wanting to live there.

So there you have it.  If the questioner had opened this up a bit and said, if you could live in any city in the world, I might still pick New York, for now, but it would be a much harder choice.

If you had to choose between LA and NYC, which would you pick?  What about anywhere in the world?  And, have you seen this quiz?  Apparently, I should actually live in Paris.



The photo above is from this tumblr that is devoted to answering this exact question.  Apparently, this is a serious rivalry.


2 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. The quiz says I should live in LA because I like juice, yoga, and I’m #soblessed. Sounds like everything I say on a regular basis.

  2. I love NY but I’d choose LA…need to be close to a warm beach no matter where I live and the Hudson River just doesn’t cut it!

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