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The Best and Worst Day

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This wretched weather in the Northeast has me counting down the days until Florida trip 1, the first day of spring, Florida trip 2, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend, and SUMMER. Hope everyone is getting through the snow alright.

Today is February 14th. It is the best day and the worst day. Today is the worst because it is Valentine’s Day. If you’re someone who enjoys the holiday and all its associations, more power to you. I’ve personally never liked it and always thought it was silly. You remember in elementary school, when it would be arts and crafts for about an hour and your teacher would throw construction paper at you and have you make heart-shaped envelopes to put all your Valentine’s Day cards in? Yeah, every year we did that. Depending on what Disney movie just came out or what superhero was popular, that made up the majority of paper cards and silly sayings that filled you with temporary glee that you got a card from everyone in your class. I personally hated that, being the shy and awkward kid that I was (and still am). Then, high school, those anonymous Valentine carnations that were passed out throughout the day in class…how some girls would have entire bouquets of them, just to remind you who was popular.

I think I never bought into Valentine’s Day because I think it can be sad for people who don’t have someone, and leads to high expectations for those who do. It’s a reminder that there’s all those happy people out there with their flowers and chocolate and a romantic date night…but shouldn’t that all happen all year long instead of one specified day? I think the element of surprise is much more special. Surprise your significant other on a random day with everything that is associated with Valentine’s Day, and do it more than one time a year. People shouldn’t need this holiday to validate love. And for me, personally, the best Valentine’s Days I’ve had were when I was with all my friends, whether we were ordering a bunch of food or watching rom-coms or getting drunk and being completely ridiculous. So if Valentine’s Day is your thing, by all means embrace it. I’ve just had enough of seeing pink and red heart shaped lovey-dovey things the past three months for every year of my life.

So you’re probably wondering how today is the best day, right? Well let me tell you. Pitchers and catchers report today for the Yankees!!!! Baseball season is here!!!! I can fully immerse myself back into the day-to-day news and updates of all things Yankee related. I couldn’t be happier, aside from the heartbreaking news this week of my beloved Derek Jeter retiring at the end of 2014. But I don’t care if you like the Yankees or not…baseball starting means summer is coming, and we could all use some of that, amirite?



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