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Winter Olympics Review

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I’m sad to think that the Olympics are almost over. I’ve always enjoyed watching them, both the summer and winter, although I like the summer as a whole better. Watching these Olympics was tough because Sochi is nine hours ahead of us on the east coast of the United States. I was finding out results even when I tried to avoid it, and you’re often stuck with whatever the networks choose to air instead of everything when you want it (I was too lazy to find a live stream on my computer when I was around). You know they plan on showing the best stuff really late at night so you’re a zombie the next day. They don’t care. Watch ski jumping for three hours before we show you the ice skating. Ugh. Oh well…what’s the use in complaining about it. So I thought since the games are winding down, I’d do a brief review of what I thought.

1. I think anyone that does a sport that involves sliding (luge, skeleton, and bobsled) is crazy. Sorry, but I personally thing rocketing down an icy tube at breakneck speeds is a little nuts. Brave, yes, but just plain nuts. I don’t plan to do that any time soon.

2. The athletes who do the cross-country/biathalon/distance skiing are in crazy good shape and are super and all, but I really have no interest in watching that on TV. It’s a tad boring for my taste.

3. Curling. I, and probably everyone else in the world, think we could make up our own teams and be Olympians too. And I’d rather not watch that for hours on end either.

4. In real life, I’m not a hockey fan. But that USA-Russia game last weekend…INSANE! I was going bonkers at 7:30 in the morning, and if you know me, well then you know something was up.

5. Any kind of downhill skiing that goes really fast and over hills and in the air…just thinking about it makes my knees hurt. Really intense watching that stuff, and it’s crazy to see how much the time impacts the results. Fractions of a second can make or break you. Plus, I swear everyone is going to crash. I don’t think I breathe while I’m watching any of them.

6. Snowboarders are cool and I wish I could do what they do but I’m clumsy and not really coordinated enough…how I manage to ride horses is beyond me. Put me on a snowboard and I’ll face plant so hard. How they manage to do that whole half pipe thing baffles me.

7. Ice skating. Oh, ice skating. My favorite. I also don’t breathe watching anything on the ice because I’m afraid they are going to trip or fall or break their ankles landing or crash and burn, yet they still amaze me. They make it look so easy. I have bad memories of attempting to ice skate when I was little and a part of it had to do with slamming into the ice and having a bloody face and massive headache. Scarring. So much respect for these guys. Also, if you haven’t been paying attention, the best thing about all the figure skating these Olympics is Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Look it up. They are fabulous and I need them in my life.

Also, side note: I feel old and unaccomplished in life when half the athletes are teenagers and are competing in the Olympics while I’m a lazy bum on my couch. I often think I got into the wrong sport in this sense, but I also feel that it’s never too late and I can take up curling. Who’s with me?

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite performances of these games. Well, not from the actual Olympics, but the routine was done. The US skater Jason Brown did this routine and it wasn’t flawless, but still awesome nonetheless. I loved it because I’m part Irish and have secretly loved the Riverdance music forever, so when I heard about this I got all excited. Plus I love when the routine is energetic and you can tell the skater is into it. This is from the skate that qualified him to for the Olympic team. Enjoy!


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