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(I wrote this while I was still at rehearsal but it won’t get posted until I get home. Late but… shhhh. It’s still Monday as long as I haven’t gone to sleep yet.)

I’ve been at rehearsals since last Monday! I don’t even know what day it is today. Well, obviously I know because it’s Monday again and I’m posting. 

The local schools had their February break, a week off in February, starting President’s day. Except the musical kids and staff. We were here every day.

It’s typically 10-4 every day,  including weekends, except president’s day which is a firm 10-2  because of the holiday. Oh and except for the student stage managers, the director, the tech kids and myself. We stay until 10 or later. And sometimes, we come in as early as 8:30.

It’s been non-stop. It’s been stressful, it’s been crazy, I had one major meltdown when I ran out of fabric for 7 costumes and had to replace it with a costume that I loathe, I yelled at some kids (some kids more than once), I made new friends (why are all of my friends kids?), I learned new things, and I’m still waiting for it all to come together.

We’re at our second and last dress rehearsal right now. We’re still feeling the effects of something like 9 canceled rehearsals due to illness and the terrible New Jersey weather (is winter over yet?), but the improvement from just last night to today is incredible. My job is by no means done. I have so many finishing touches left to do.

I’m currently watching the one scene with the costumes that I hate and I cannot stop cringing. Lesson to be learned: always have more than one backup plan.

I’m here again tonight until late and then I bop back in tomorrow morning to get ready for our matinee.

I have burns on my fingers and the skin on my fingers is actually gross from all of the pin pricks. My hands are stained with makeup.

Today, I am happy, even though my “To Do” list is still longer than it should be.

And how is my fibro with these crazy hours?

Well I’m in my third week of PT to help my back and muscles. L4/L5 are still pinching terribly. I haven’t been able to take my medicine because it makes me a little too loopy to go to work. I want to sleep. But you know what?

I am doing something that I love and running on pure adrenaline. And I can ignore the pain and fatigue for right now.

Next Sunday when this is all over? Oh yeah, I’ll crash for a solid 24 hours. But for right now, I know that if I’m happy with my job, and I’m keeping busy, I can deal with it.

The memory problems are a little bit of an issue. But I also have my laptop and smart phone with me at all times. I currently have this post open in a word doc, a 13 page list of every cast member and which costumes they have and when they change, my notes for the cast and myself in another doc, a to-do list from yesterday in yet another doc, and my new to-do list for tonight and tomorrow in a doc.

Lists, lists, lists!

Here are a few shots from my silly iPhone camera of what I’ve been up to.

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A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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