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Summertime Playlist Time

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Brace yourselves. We’re getting ANOTHER snow storm. This is the last straw. I’m done with winter, as I’m sure you all are too. We”re supposedly getting another foot of snow in a few days, along with this frigid cold air because our dear friend the polar vortex has decided to pay us another visit. It’s time to put this summer playlist into full force. I’ve started compiling a list and it’s going to be mostly country…I’m going to listen to all this for the next week nonstop. This is what I have so far and it’s certainly getting things going. Help me think warm thoughts as we listen.


Chillin’ It – Cole Swindell


Whatever She’s Got – David Nail


When She Says Baby – Jason Aldean


Radio – Darius Rucker


Best Day Of My Life – American Authors


XO – Beyonce


Take Me Home – Cash Cash (Chainsmokers remix)



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