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Reasons Why You Should Know “Adele Dazim”

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I know her, Honesty Timers know her, theatre fans ‘round the globe know her. Who is she?

Don’t ask John Travolta, because apparently he has no clue.

It’s Idina Menzel, Broadway belter extraordinaire! I have no idea who Adele Nazeem/Dazim/whatever he called her is, but Idina Menzel, currently best known and loved (or less than loved by movie theater employees and parents who have to hear their kids sing it 24/7) for the fiercest, and original, rendition of “Let It Go” from the new Disney film, Frozen, is absolutely amazing.

If you’re one of the few who thought “Adele Dazim” might legitimately be the real name of Elsa’s voice artist, this post is for you. And if you already love Idina Menzel, you can just enjoy this anyway.

Here are some A+ moments from Idina and the insane pipes she was #blessed with at birth.

Let’s start with the most obvious. She was Elphaba. Elphie. Fabala. We know I love Wicked, and she is, and always will be, THE Elphaba.

And then she won a Tony for that magic.

Even before that, she was making magic and being nominated for a Tony as the quirky, kooky Maureen in Rent.

Everyone knows Rent. We all know it so much that most of us are sick of it, but we’ll still sing along anyway. And Idina played a big part in the success of that show.

Next, we have Chess. Oh, Chess. How I love you, hate you, and love to love and hate you.

Without a doubt, my favorite sequence in this concert version of Chess is that of “Florence and Molokov”-“1956 –Budapest is Rising” – “Nobody’s Side.” When I’m having a bad day, I blast “Nobody’s Side” and pretend that I have pipes and musicality like Idina. After that terrible job interview that I had a few months ago, I got in the car and was like “Siri, play ‘Nobody’s Side’!” And, after trying to get Siri to understand that I didn’t want to google “Po-boys” for a few minutes, she was like “Let’s listen to ‘Nobody’s Side’!” and all was right with the world. Check out the video, and I’m sorry for Adam Pascal’s awkward notes because this role is really at the top of/out of his range.

Josh Groban was in Chess with her, and they sang together sometimes, but there’s also this video floating around from I don’t know where. It sounds like angels.

She can also make me like this classic song from A Chorus Line, which nobody else can do for me. Also, I adore that the great Marvin Hamlisch is accompanying her here, and it’s a stunning combination.

Likewise, Glee… ew. I’m not into Glee, not at all. My least favorite days at work are the days when I have to show the same episode of Glee to all 5 classes. But I do love Lady Gaga, and this “Poker Face” just works for me, even if Lea Michele is in it.

Idina is part of a new musical on Broadway this season, called If/Then, which actually starts previews this Wednesday, March 5th. Apparently this is one of her big numbers. I dig it. You should see it. I want to.

She was also in Enchanted, even though she didn’t get to show off the bulk of her talent, but she is indeed multi-talented! Which leads us to her current role that every child and parent knows… heck, every one on Earth knows it.

She even has her own, non-show tune albums. Yes, they are well worth a listen, even for those who aren’t familiar with her, or think of her only as a Broadway gal.

So now you know more about Idina Menzel, and hopefully her name is stuck in your head. It’s worth the brain space.


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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